"Eat Walk Talk" Weight Loss Group at The Nebraska Medical Center

Uploaded by NebraskaMedCenter on 30.01.2012

It is a six-week weight-loss program designed for the person that has pre-diabetes or at
risk for developing diabetes. We know through research that just losing about five to 10
percent of your body weight really delays or prevents the onset of type II diabetes.
We use meal replacements and set menus focusing on about 1200 calories a day for losing one
to two pounds a week. This coupled with exercise using a pedometer; we try to increase your
steps each week until we hit that 10 thousand step daily goal.
I find that the group support really helps keep people accountable to coming and showing
up. We weigh in every week, in private, stepping on the scale in front of somebody really tells
people that someone does care and notices how much the scale is fluctuating each week.
The group support, I don’t think you can describe that outside of the group. We really
develop a rapport with each other.
Anybody at risk for developing diabetes or interested in a healthy behavior change program
can join. They would just call our office or stop in. The class is held on Tuesdays
from 4:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. here in the diabetes center. It is 70 dollars for the six-week
program. That includes a pedometer, a binder to keep all your handouts, coupons, product
samples and a calorie king book. It is really a great deal.