How To Make Stuffed Baked Cucumber : Chopping Tomato For Stuffed Baked Cucumbers

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

This is Richard Buccola here in New York City and today on behalf of Expert Village, I am
going to show you how to make stuffed cucumbers. All right you see I got this to the desired
consistency and size that I wanted. If I see any big pieces, I am going to keep chopping.
I am going to add that to my bowl right now. That is part of our stuffing and it is beautiful
cucumber. So nice, it has such a great fragrance. Love cucumbers. With that I am going to grab
our tomato and give that a quick wash and take off any tags. Okay these tomatoes, you
want to look for nice tomatoes. These were grown in Holland hydroponically which just
means they were grown with TLC. A lot of vitamins, a lot of nutrients. What we are going to do
now, realize they are like $3 a pint. If you need to go for cheaper, that is fine too.
You just want to cut your tomato in half. Use a nice tomato knife so if you don't have
one, you are going to have to go out and get one because I keep telling you that your utensils
will make you in your kitchen. Just cut your tomato in half like quarter inch slices across
this way and we are just going to turn it that way and we are going to go same way,
nice and easy; quarter inch slices straight down. That is your chopped tomato. If you
want your pieces done smaller, it is okay. We can grab our chopping knife putting the
point on the front of the blade and we are just going to work the back of the blade like
so lifting it up and down till we get to the desired size of our tomato.