Pocket Planes, Project 83113 & Ballistic SE: 33303 or Less

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 20.06.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with the first episode
of 33303 or Less where I go over three apps that cost under $3 in
three minutes. To start we have Pocket Planes. In the game you run
a fleet of planes through various airports around the world. The
first thing that jumped out at me is the style. The graphics are
all pixel based and it’s easy to work out what you’re supposed to do.
It even goes as far as the sounds which are simple yet clearly let
you know what is going on without needing to look.
The objective is to become the ruler of the skies by flying your planes
around the world and purchasing and upgrading your planes and airports.
As a free to play game you can purchase more in-game bucks to make it
faster to progress but just like Jetpack Joyride spending money is entirely
optional and you’ll be able to fully enjoy the game for free. All flights
take a few minutes to get to their destinations so you’ll be able to manage
other things while waiting or just keep an eye on your push notifications
to see when they land. While the game is a bit slow at first it picks up
after a bit and is really quite fun. For free in the App Store it’s
definitely worth a download. Next we have Project 83113, also known as
Project Belle. I picked this one up and suddenly an hour of my life
disappeared before I could set it down. There are a lot of great things
about this, not the least of which are the awesome cel shaded graphics.
Belle is a platformer with a heavy emphasis on combat which combined
with the super fast pace makes an awesome combo. The story is that
Project Belle was created to take back the world from the machines and
it’s told briefly between worlds with comic-like cut scenes. You can swipe
to boost forward, up or down as well as control where Belle goes. For the
most part you have to focus on getting through the level and avoiding
enemies and hazards while Belle automatically shoots. If it’s getting tough
you can use a powerful attack to clear everything out at the temporary cost
of your health which makes it a bit strategic. If you kill enemies you get
that health back but if you miss then you can quickly die. Project Belle is
one of the most fun games I’ve played in quite a while and I highly recommend
giving it a shot for $0.99. Lastly but definitely not least we have Ballistic
SE. There are lots of great twin stick shooters in the App Store but Ballistic
is my favorite for a few reasons. There are two modes, waves and challenges.
Waves is a longer game that throws wave after wave of enemies at you and as
you progress you unlock upgrades such as shooting faster and making your shots
attract to the other orbs. Challenges have you try and survive for two minutes
with 10 upgrades. As you can see the graphics are nothing short of fantastic
and better yet the entire game is as responsive as it gets. No matter how much
stuff is on screen the game never seems to miss a beat. Best of all the
controls are top notch which is usually my biggest problem with twin stick
shooters on touchscreens. If you enjoy a quick run through a twin stick shooter
I highly recommend Ballistic SE. As of recording this video the app is free
however even for its normal $1.99 price it’s worth picking up! That’s it for
this episode of 33303 or Less! If you guys enjoyed and want to see more
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