Nice Work If You Can Get It - Broadway Musical Preview

Uploaded by DanceOn on 15.03.2012


KATHLEEN MARSHALL: It's a new musical, but it uses the songs
of George and Ira Gershwin.
It takes place in 1927.
And Matthew Broderick plays Jimmy Winter, a wealthy
playboy who's getting married for the fourth time.
And he gets mixed up with a trio of bootleggers, including
one bootlegger played by Kelli O'Hara.
It's very fun.
It's sexy.
It's funny.
It's saucy.
And it's very romantic too.
ROBYN HURDER: It's a great, funny, loving romantic musical
comedy that is set in the '20s, during
the Prohibition time.
Lots of crazy characters, this crazy quilt of characters.
KELLI O'HARA: I'm playing a girl named Billie Bendix, who
is a street-wise bootlegger who is a tomboy.
And she's spunky.
And I love that, so that's my role.
MATTHEW BRODERICK: There's police,
gangs, comedy, weddings.
It's an old school romantic comedy with
Gershwin music in it.
KATHLEEN MARSHALL: We have a fantastic ensemble of singers
and dancers and actors.
And they're all so beautiful and so sexy.
And they can do anything.
It's really fun for a choreographer because it's
like having a great playground.
Because they can do anything we ask them to.
ROBYN HURDER: Come see Nice Work If You Can Get It.
It starts previews March 29 at the Imperial Theater.
You're going to have a good time.
It's Gershwin music.
It's sparkly.
It's brand new.
It's classic.
It's for all ages.
You're going to love it.