The NBA: Does Team Chemistry Matter?

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does team chemistry matter or is it let's get the best players put them on the court and see
if we can win does team chemistry matter
yes it does
uh... but i'm going to tell you right now it doesn't matter if you can't play right okay so it's
a component but it's not at the top of the list but it is important it is important
i am loathe to talk about other people's deals it used to annoy me no end to listen to people
talk about a trade or something that we did somebody who's a veteran and expert
in the field who knows nothing about my circumstance talking about what i did and i used to throw things
at the t_v_ and and and uh... mark them in you know in indelibly in my um...
in the book in my head
uh... about uh...
when I grade their performance that
that's high on the list
having said that
when you look at a deal
no matter what the deal is
there's always an aspect of it you do not know
there are so many this one has so many moving parts
there's no way to know they they are looking at
Shaq's return
with specific information that we don't have they're looking at jermain o'neill's return
with specific information we do not have
they were looking at perks contract situation in ways that we could never
uh... determine ourselves
as to what his value he just signed today
I don't know if you saw
he signed today with the thunder oh he did
he did and he signed for i think it was four years
about thirty two million I'm not certain of that but I think that's what I heard
I don't know how they would have felt about
I don't know if they could have done that now cap wise whether or not they had the ability to even do that
uh... so there is lots of factors that that go into it
just looking at that trade
in terms of not not looking at the uh...
positions and where they are in in a season which has such great promise they did
get the best player in that trade
in jeff green and that was red's rule one we're told
well red would say with a real with with now
there are lots there are lots of lots of rules
for red that all you know they all
uh... interact but
you don't trade in
his view you don't trade
quantity excuse me
you don't trade quality you don't trade away quality
for quantity but if you can get if you can get quality and give up quantity
go for it
frank what do you think
will they make a championship run uh...
i think it's gonna be tricky
and i think perkins might have helped that more than jeff green
on this particular team
with a team if they ever play Orlando
did a pretty good job on dwight howard
but I think generally speaking most people would agree with what jan said
jeff green is a better basketball player at the position than perk is
perk was a good role player
and he created value for himself
by playing a role with superstars around him
and i think
uh... that's what oklahoma's trying to do with him they've got a couple of
great players
they and uh... i think they figured that's what they needed in the middle so they were
willing to get rid of a player who maybe they'll have salary problems with trying to
sign him
i don't know what his contract situation is i didn't look into it
but i think he's a free agent at the end of this year but he's a restricted free agent oh it's restricted but that only gives them a short term
no but it's a it's a good opportunity I think it's a
you have a better chance of controlling what happens oh no I mean with jeff green it only gave
oklahoma a short term in which to
make some decisions on him right so i think they were looking at salary and also with what
they uh... are missing which was a a bulky guy in the middle
and i just hearing it was thirty i didn't hear that he signed but
i knew the celtics didn't want to pay him ten million a year
which is what he was asking
and i think they thought he was worth more about what he was getting
so maybe they would have paid him six five a year for four years
i think there was a seven or eight million dollar divergence in what he was worth
and i i think
i think the celtics would have kept him for six million
whether they would have traded him for jeff green if they didn't have to increase his pay i'm not sure
of that so it's tricky
jan we don't have the info
and everybody's at a different opinion danny's got his own opinion on what he's trying to do long
uh... as a total package we don't know
what that is
and the same with oklahoma