Diet Tips : Metabolism Jump Start Tips

Uploaded by expertvillage on 28.09.2008

Hi, this is Rachael Richardson, with Nutrolution, in South Beach, Miami, Florida. In this clip,
we're going to talk about how you can jump start your metabolism. Now, the best way to
get your metabolism moving is to start by detoxifying your body, because you need; in
order to lose weight, and jump start your metabolism, your metabolism has, actually,
it takes place in your cells; in your mitochondria, and if your cells are at all toxic, then we
can't get the nutrients in and the toxins out, and so those mitochondria never get to
produce the energy and metabolize your foods as well. So the best thing to do is start
by detoxifying, and for that you want to cut out all kinds of processed foods, all kinds
of chemicals that might be in your diet, sugars, and certain foods that are inflammatory like
gluten and casein, and then one thing that I use to help detoxify my body, and that my
clients also really enjoy is a nice cleansing powder such as this one right here. I love
this powder. It's got all kinds of nutrients that help your liver and help your gallbladder,
and help all your different detox organs. So that helps, as well as taking something
like this amino detox, which also has, you know, lots of amino acids and also antioxidants
to help with detoxification. So, getting those and extra water to start off in clearing out
all those toxic foods is the very best way that you can jump start your metabolism. This
is Rachael Richardson, and this has been how to jump start your metabolism.