Wes Moore Keynote Lecture

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Good Evening.
I work with the office of first year initiatives with Christie Metzger
I was on the book selection committee
so I read a lot of books, looked through a lot of lists of books
and found that Wes Moore's book was a book that everyone can
relate too and all students can take messages from their themes from
decision making to dealing with two different worlds, to poverty
and everyone can relate.
You have a chance to make an extraordinary contribution to this planet.
All you students out there, I mean think about it.
The fact that we're here, and whether I'm talking about high school,
anything, but in particular, the University of Louisville students.
You're sitting in these seats because somebody cared.
I am a Cardinal Covenant student and that's a scholarship on campus
for lower income studetns.
And I am the president of the Cardinal covenant Society,
which gives back to the community, because we go to school for free,
we've been given so much, so we want to give back to the community.
And i worked with incoming freshman at the beginning of the semester,
they came in and we had book discussions and we found
that all of the incoming students, especially coming from
a lower income background found this book super inspiring,
and had their families read it and their friends read it,
and it really helped them think about the decisions they were making
and how huge going to college was and what they could accomplish
if they just put their minds to it.
The book is called The Other Wes Moore
and I liked it because it told the plight of someone coming
from a more disadvantaged background,
someone that wasn't handed the world,
but understood that there wasn't any limitations.
It inspired me. It allowed me to think that I could also change the world one day
from a student, from an undergraduate perspective
to go on and one day give a Keynote speech at a big time university
like the University of Louisville.