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What are you doing? Hurry and come!
Do we really need to do all this?
You came all the way here.
Why are you hesitating?
You said you don't have money to pay for the settlement.
First, let's do the act and then see.
After we write the contract, what can he do?
Man Ok, do you trust me?
Good! Take a deep breathe.
Okay. Let's go.
Is this really 100%? Episode 3, Part 1
You... Who are you?
Ouch! My stomach!
Oh! That's right! It's fine. It's fine.
Say hello. This is our new stylist, Apsala.
The rumors of your bad attitude has spread all over.
There isn't a single person who will be your stylist in Korea.
So, Sir Me specially found a foreigner.
Even so, how do we use someone with whom we can't communicate?
I can speak Korean, a little bit.
That's right. She can speak Korean a little and English a little, too.
And where was that...?
She was known for being the best dresser in her country.
Best dresser?
Hey, we're going to be late for our shoot at this rate.
First, let's work with her today, then we can decide whether or not to hire her, right?
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It's so stuffy, I could die!
Hey, Mr. Won.
Um.. He can't look at me.
In our country, if a man looks at a woman's face, I( the woman) has to die.
You die. We die.
What is she saying?
Don't look at her.
In her country, if a man looks at a woman's face,
you die, I die and everybody dies.
Tae Ik's outfit is this one.
What's the matter?
He doesn't want to have eye contact with Man... Apsala.
I will die, you die, we die.
It basically means he doesn't want to die.
Don't worry. Don't worry. This is my job.
What is this? Is this not 100% wool?
It's itchy.
Baek Ho Dong, what happened?
This is what the last stylist brought...
So, you're telling me to wear this?
No... I'll go bring a different one from the car.
This jacket... outside is 100% wool.
Its size 44. Change. Change.
You okay? No problem.
What did she say?
That is... Flip.. flip it over?
She said that it won't itch if you flip it over and wear it.
Flip this over and wear it?
Hey! What is this? Let go of this!
Who wears clothes inside out?
It looks good.
No problem.
Look at you. Gorgeous.
Very good.
Very good.
What are you doing?
Aren't you going?
Are you happy? You like it?
The fashion terrorist, Tae Ik, clears his name and becomes a fashionista.
How can you get rid of your label as terrorist that followed you around for 5 years at one go?
I don't know who found her, but that stylist is indeed great! Right?
Here. So, I prepared this for you.
What is this?
Memorandum for the contract of our stylist.
Neither party can unilaterally break the contract for at least 3 months.
Regardless of any situations,
whoever breaks the contract first
will give the other party whatever penalty fees he/she wants.
What's with a memorandum when hiring just one stylist?
See, this is why a memorandum is needed.
Sir Me found a special stylist globally,
but if you fire her suddenly, what would my position be like?
Your record has been pretty spectacular so far.
Leave it here, I'll read it later.
When later?
There are more than one or two companies which want to take Apsala.
If she goes somewhere else like this, I don't know then.
Where will you find a stylist like this?
You kick away your own luck.
You should have done that earlier.
And this is...
an agreement that you will keep the location of Full House and all activities that take place in it a secret.
Oh, this is compulsory if you want to work in our industry.
The 10 million won for the settlement for the violation of portrait rights...
You know that I'll be deducting it from your salary every month, right?
Oh, and thank you for reducing the settlement.
Oh, that... that.. I requested it.
Since you have now become a family member, to be nice to you.
Isn't that right, Bum Soo hyung?
Kang Hwi put in a lot of effort this time.
He also put in a lot of favorable articles for you.
Kang Hwi, thank you very much.
Oh, but instead you have to let me use all the items in Manokin Wardrobe.
Of course.
We are also going to get it certified, so you must carry through with the contract completely.
If you quit whenever you want to, or can't keep secrets...
Stylist Jang, you need to pay all the penalty fees also.
Don't worry.
I don't know about other things, but I'm very good at keeping secrets.
Anyway, Tae Ik successfully agreed to work with you.
Because of the flier incident, he must not be feeling good.
My heart was completely pounding because I was scared he caught on.
It doesn't matter. If we get it certified, it is over.
What can he do?
We will do it according to the law.
But... Can't I take this off now? It's really stuffy.
Wear it till we get it certified.
What will you do if Tae Ik finds out in the mean time and says he won't do it?
Ah! That's right!
Once it gets certified, I will tell you immediately.
Let's take this off quickly then.
Aigo! But... it must really be stuffy in there.
What day is today?
Let's go.
The best place here.
Where are we going?
Let's go.
Hurry up!
He said "The best place"? What is this?
Go ahead in.
Wow! It's fascinating!
So that door is connected like this?
I think I am the only one who knows this.
Tae Ik always acts smart, but he doesn't even know that there is a secret pathway like this in his house.
Lee Tae Ik, you idiot!
What if he hears?
Its fine, he has health training class today, so he'll be home late at night.
It's over there.
Ta dah! What do you think? Nice, isn't it?
Wow! What in the world!
I'm seeing something like this for the first time.
There's even a sauna in the house?
That guy (Tae Ik) thinks immensely about his health.
I also sometimes use the sauna, but he keeps nagging about the electricity bills.
Ugh, he's so cheap.
Wow! Oh my goodness!
This is that thing, right? You hit your back with it! I saw it on TV!
Don't do it. It really hurts.
Wow, it must be so great... to have a sauna in a place like this...
Have one! That's why I brought you here.
It must have been tiring going around wearing that. It must have felt disagreeable and stuffy.
You suffered all day long, relax your body while taking a sauna.
Kang Hwi.
Still... how could I in somebody else's house?
We're one family now.
Then just do it for an hour. You can leave after cleaning up before that guy comes back.
But that's still... That's a little...
Just a moment.
Ah.. It has arrived at the store?
Ok, I'll go to the store immediately now.
You mustn't sell it to anyone else!
Man Ok, something urgent came up and so I've got to go immediately.
Today, don't think about anything, just go after you've stayed here and rested.
Oh! And when you leave, don't forget the secret passage way, alright?
Kang Hwi!
It hurts a lot.
Ah! Seriously!
Fine... if this is fate...
It feels good!
Give Coach Kang a warning.
He should tell me in advance if the fitness center is closed for the day.
No, that's okay.
I will just take a sauna today and rest.
Hang up.
That feels so good, so good!
What is it?
What sound is this?
What's wrong with this?
Won Kang Hwi, you again!
Come out quickly when I say it nicely.
Ah! No... No way!
Oh! You are going to keep holding out?
It will be hot.
It will be suffocating!
Come out!
I won't move one step until you come out.
I'm going crazy!
Why don't you come out now?
You could die like that. Huh?
Oh my! Ouch!
Who are you? How did you come in here?
You are going to keep staying in that state?
Oh my! Uh? Uh?
What are you looking for?
My clothes.
There aren't anything like that.
I took them off and placed them here.
Take off my clothes. Quickly!
This woman is crazy! Where are you touching?
Give me my clothes.
- Give me my clothes! - Let go of this!
Pervert! Stalker! Let this go!
It's me!
I'm your stylist!
Did you or didn't you see?
Ah! I couldn't see.
So, you collaborated with Won Kang Hwi and deceived me?
Putting on something like that?
Ha! You are a complete swindler.
A swindler... I'm not one.
How can you not be?
Who is the one who cheated me saying that you are a foreigner?
What? Islam?
"You die, I'm die, we die?"
What is your identity?
You said that you are a Master of Hapkido.
So what's with the internet shopping mall and what's with the stylist?
Have you ever been a stylist?
Beginning in earnest...
But I am really good at things like this.
I did all the DP and styling on my shopping mall.
That's enough.
Leave! Leave immediately!
That... is not possible.
Not possible?
Why? I said that I don't want to but why?
You signed on the memorandum.
Ha! That is absolutely useless.
It's not like it is even certified.
Man Ok, the certification is over. Congrats! Congrats!
Now, take off the chador!
Won Kang Hwi, this jerk!
I'm also not doing this because I want to.
Still, I'm really going to work hard and well.
Because public matters and private matters are different.
If you really don't like it...
I really don't like it.
Let's do it according to the law then.
You are going to act inappropriately now?
But what to do?
I absolutely can't work with someone I don't like.
You will have to.
If you don't want to pay the penalty for breach of contract.
So... that is how you are going to act?
But I don't think Won Kang Hwi told you this?
That, among the stylists, I am the ultra no. 1 on their blacklist.
Let's wait and see who breaks the contract first.
How dare he threaten me! He isn't even worth one fist!
Ha! Fine, bring it on!
I'm Jang Man Ok.
How dare you deceive me!
Bring it on!
Let's see if you can bear not leaving with your own feet.
I am going to check the outfits right now, so bring all the clothes I can wear for today's schedule.
What outfit...
From where at this hour?
So, are you saying that you can't do it?
I'm not saying that I can't.
It's till 5 o'clock.
Don't be late.
What is this?
What can I do in one hour?
That rude bastard!
I don't like it, next!
Pass. Next!
The next one, right?
But what to do? This is the last one.
What is this? You only brought these?
Are you joking?
You said you only have one scheduled appointment today.
But you rejected over 30 outfits now.
You said it is a radio broadcast. You can just wear anything.
Are you belittling the radio now?
In this age, even a radio broadcast is visible.
Internet broadcasting and captures are all possible.
You are asking me to just wear anything and go?
Then, decide on this.
Oh! It's wearable and good!
Get rid of it!
Really! Your standards for choosing clothes!
Where did you get all these?
Where? At a cheap market?
Indeed, would there be a boutique open at this hour?
There are. A really nice boutique.
Forget it.
Hey! I don't like any of these. Get something else.
But why do you treat me like a neighborhood mongrel calling me , "Hey! Hey!"
I also have a name.
"Man", as in full.
"Ok", as in house.
It is Jang Man Ok, Jang Man Ok.
Jang Man Ok?
Like Jang Man Ok in "In a Mood for Love?"
So, you know... Jang Man Ok.
That name is too excessive for you.
That's enough!
Hey! You! Stylist Jang! Choose between the 3.
Then, Stylist Jang.
Good, Stylist Jang.
I only collected all the brands that I like.
Go there and get wardrobe sponsorship by using my name.
Tell them that I am going to wear it during a fan meeting.
You don't know what sponsorship is?
I do.
Wow! This place is the place I like best.
She has a discerning eye. Who is she?
It's the first time I'm seeing her.
Hello. I am Lee Tae Ik's stylist. I would like some sponsorship.
Did you say Lee Tae Ik?
Yes, Lee Tae Ik in Take One
I don't know . . .
Now, if it was Won Kang Hwi . . .
But, if it is Lee Tae Ik, it would be... slightly difficult.
What? Why?
He didn't even wear the clothes that he took last time.
Another star wanted to wear them, but he persisted and took them.
I'm sorry, but look for them at some other shop.
For Lee Tae Ik, it will be slightly difficult.
For Lee Tae Ik, it would be slightly problematic.
For Lee Tae Ik, it will be slightly difficult.
Can't you allow it just once?
Isn't it possible somehow?
This is the last place. Unni, please talk to her.
- I'm sorry. - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Yes, Department Head.
You received the press release for Take One's fan meeting, right?
Yes, the scale is a slightly larger one this time.
Because all the Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans are meeting together.
What? What do you want?
How could you choose a person like that?
When was it you said that you were grateful?
When was it you said thank you for making you a fashionista?
When did I?
Look at him!
Hey! Who is the one who signed the memorandum saying that you like it?
Hey! That is all because of you.
What is?
I didn't force you to do it. You did it willingly.
If you break that, you'll have to pay a huge penalty fee.
What are you two doing?
Is there a problem that I don't know of?
What's with the penalty fee?
Are you having other thoughts because there isn't much time left on your contract?
That's not it.
If there is an agency calling you, tell me first.
I hate people who stab me in the back the most.
If we stab you in the back, would you even let it pass?
But, why did you call us?
Fan meeting.
We started promotions today. We will start selling tickets soon.
It is a fan meeting where many foreign fans will also gather.
So, starting from today, get fully prepared.
What preparations? They are people who are thankful for our mere existence.
Don't sass! You are nothing without the fans.
I know. I know.
Fans are like our girlfriends and family. Isn't that what you're trying to say?
How can everything become a pictorial by just taking photographs?
I want to see my Kang Hwi oppa!
Me, too. Me, too.
I have great expectations for the fan meeting.
Kang Hwi's Wife, are you going to the fan meeting?
Of course!
Once the ticketing opens,
in order to obtain it through lightning-speed clicks, I am diligently exercising my fingers.
Me, too. Me, too. Now there is only 5 minutes left.
Once it strikes 12, I will start clicking at a crazy speed!
Two. One.
Aish! What is this?
Mister! Why are you turning the computer off?
My fingers were all ready to go!
Ah! This makes me crazy! Ah!
What do you mean by sold out?
How could it in 3 minutes?
Why did the lights go off at that timing? Aish!
No. No.
Wine has to be enjoyed.
Excuse me.
But, where from abroad did you come from?
Paris, where the Eiffel Tower is.
Ah... Paris?
Mon ami, Take One. (My friend, Take One)
I really, really wanted to see them.
Mon Ami?
By chance, are you Mon Ami T1?
Yes. And you?
I am Kang Hwi's Wife.
I can't go back like this.
I gave up everything and flew here to see Take One.
Me, too. Me, too.
To go to this fan meeting, I even broke my friendship of 15 years and saved money.
Could there be any method somehow?
Kids with a lot of money buy press cards and go in.
But, the cost isn't just a few pennies.
And, I have no connections either.
Press card?
If there is a method, we need to try everything.
How much money is needed will not be a problem.
Could we get it for around 1 million won?
1 million won? ($ 1,000)
Entering is important, money isn't.
That is true, but...
You must really have a lot of money, right?
No. I have a little money.
Or do I have a lot of money?
- Excuse me! - Yes?
You dropped something.
You are a reporter?
Let's see, let's see. Broadcasting company? Newspaper?
It's an internet magazine, so you wouldn't know it even if I told you where.
Do you also get press cards when singers have concerts?
Of course.
Without that, you can't even enter the event hall.
It's there... it's there! Weekly Entertainment, it's there!
Excuse me, by any chance...
Can you get us some press cards?
How much is it?
This is the last place.
How may I help you?
That is... I came to get some sponsorship...
I think it is your first time at our store.
Whose stylist are you?
Take One.
Ah! Take One.
For whom...?
That is... I...
Who do you think it is for? It's for me. For me.
Kang Hwi.
Kang Hwi.
This is our new stylist, Jang Man Ok. Please greet her, Jang Man Ok.
Senior Manager Lee sponsors everything that I want.
Choose as you wish! Isn't it alright, nuna?
Of course. We are rather grateful if you wear it as you are so stylish.
But nuna... This time, can't you also sponsor Tae Ik's?
That is...
We would also like to, but...
Even if we sponsor, he has never once worn it.
There is no meaning for us to sponsor if it isn't exposed.
Ah! Don't worry. I will make sure he wears your clothes this time.
First, I would like to check the lining. It would be good if it was 100% natural textile.
See... for you, this work suits you perfectly.
All the things you brought today . . .
The design is pretty, the fabric is good and it is well-fitting.
You chose them very well.
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to get any of these sponsored.
They were all so cold.
The business cards given by that rude bastard was of no help at all.
I will do it.
Ah, it's okay, it's okay.
He hasn't bought anything at all in the past few years.
He kept wearing his old clothes again and again.
Or he kept rejecting everything saying that it itches.
Then, why did he give me his business cards?
Excuse me, Man Ok.
Doesn't Tae Ik give you a hard time or anything like that?
He should be jumping up and down with anger because he knows that we deceived him.
That is why I... haven't even gone near the annex for a few days.
What can he do? We even got it certified.
He wouldn't fire me now.
That, we don't know yet.
Because you could leave on your own feet.
That will never happen.
That we will have to wait and see.
You both seem very friendly.
Did you know each other from before?
Won Kang Hwi, why don't you explain?
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I... will bear it for just 3 months.
Are you crazy?
You aren't even a kid.
Why do you not like it?
If you aren't going to wear the stuff here, then go out naked.
What the? Are they dating each other?
Wow! What's all this?
- There are many presents. - Donate all of mine, I'm not a petty person like somebody.
Petty person?
- Should we ask him to keep wearing it? - Yes!
Did you by any chance see a watch?
One got lost. I even checked inside, but it disappeared.