Madame Alexander Dolls | Pottery Barn Kids

Uploaded by pbkids on 02.03.2011

I'm Laura Bird an Madame Alexander Doll expert and I'm here today talking with Pottery Barn Kids about our doll
In the 1920's Madame Alexander officially launch the Alexander Doll Company
with her high quality cloth dolls. And during this decade Madame Alexander found ways to make dolls out of a new material called composition.
In the 1940's while Madame Alexander was making uniforms for the war effort, she discovered plastic and the first Madame Alexander doll made of plastic actually debuted 1948 1949
and then in 1955 Madame Alexander created the Cissy Doll. Cissy was one of our more controversial dolls. She was the first doll to have a woman's figure.
in the modern era one of the important features we look at is to make sure the kids can really interact with them
we want them to be able to brush the hair, change the clothes
really focusing on play patterns.
Madame Alexander started her legacy in Doll making with the intention of making dolls of the highest quality
many of our Madame Alexander dolls are handmade here in New York
and our seamstress work in collaboration with our design team which is also here and
we have an amazing doll hospital for anybody's doll who after 50 years or 80 years have had a couple bumps and bruises we can fix them up here.
and we also have our heritage galleries so people can walk through the history Alexander doll company.
we've partnered with companies that share our same high quality standards like Pottery Barn Kids
were developing a full line of dolls for them and there are 4 individual dolls that are exclusive to Pottery Barn Kids
we focused on the quality of the hair and the eyes and the fabrics making sure that all the details were correct
There are different outfits that you can you can dress up your dolls in
There's a beautiful little party dress.
in bright pink with layers of fabric
there is also an adorable pajama set that comes with a beautiful printed pattern
there's a ballerina outfit that is sure to dazzle any young collector with its sparkling bodice and tulle skirt.
And of course there is a shopping outfit for the little girl who wants to go shopping
There is an amazing shoe pack so you can change the shoe to match the outfit because every little girl wants to make sure her doll matches
What's great about giving a Madame Alexander doll is you know the kids are going to be so excited when they open that box
and its so fantastic to have a whole new generation who are going to revere these timeless classic dolls.