Shankaboot - Episode 20: Sun Rise on Ward 15

Uploaded by Shankaboot on 06.07.2010

Who is it? Suleiman the Shankaboot
Of course you're here to take me to Beirut
I'll go get dressed
Wait a second, wait
We're not going now
Maybe we'll go after we have the coffee, have a seat
Alright, you're most welcome
Yara, Yara
She's still sleeping, it's almost noon
Bring two coffee cups with you
This is my friend, Ruwaida
Listen, my girl, those lips, are they real?
Grandma, it's still early in the day for this
Shut up, you
You can't bully anyone but your grandma
Go run the water and hose the field
Come on, go
Want to come along?
I'll definitely come
Maya asked you to come?
I wish you well, Dad
Yes, and I wish you well too
From which jail did she pull you out this time?
You can't go to the field wearing this
Take it off, and Yara will give you boots
Yara, go get her the boots for the field
Close the curtain
The Sun is coming into my eyes
It's not reaching the bed, Dad
Why didn't you close the curtain?
Dad, Dad, stop being so stubborn
I haven't seen you for three years, Dad
How many years?
I'll hide it here for you
Give me that too
Come on, go
Go, leave to the field, come on
Suleiman, come sit here
I'm going with them to the field
Come sit here
Don't pull funny stuff, Grandma
Yes, go, Yara, leave
What is it?
I want to congratulate you
because your mother died out of disappointment
Bravo, you man
You're right, Dad
You're right
I humiliated you, I scandalized you
but I can't believe that you can say that about my mother
You know very well what killed her
who threw her stuff, or maybe burnt them
What killed your mum?
You tell me
Now, you're coming between me and your mother, you jerk?
You tell me then what killed her
You know, you know
Is it a long way still?
You're tired?
No, but we've been walking for a long time
It's only a little further
Listen, where are the owners of these lands?
My grandma says some are in Venezuala, some in Brazil
I say they died of boredom and left
You've always been more opportunistic than I am
and smarter than me, and stronger than me
and nastier than me as well
You got what you wanted
I congratulate you, bravo
Listen, here are the keys to my car and the villa
These are Shuman's keys, your boyfriend
Pass my salute to him
I found a solution for the Sun
Leave him, you animal, leave him
Get out
Dad, are you alright, Dad?