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BILL: My name is Bill and I'm an environmentalist.
And we're here in New York City in the East Village.

I moved into this space 10 years ago, and it was in such
bad condition.
Plastic bags as insulation in the walls.
And the windows were boarded up.
The floor had basically holes-- you
could see below it.
I was recycling.
I'm an environmentalist.
And so I didn't want to come home to the same dirt that I
was facing every day in my life of cleaning
up abandoned gardens.
I had all these criteria, though, so I wrote them down.
I had to have recycled materials.
I had to somehow make the apartment look bigger with
depth of field and lighting tricks.
But then it also had to be exactly opposite of the stuff
I was doing in the daytime.
It had to be you'd come in, it was perfectly clean.
When I first moved in here, everybody in the East Village
wore black, and they did it for two reasons.
To be cool, but also because it was
impossible to stay clean.
These panels are Plexiglas, and you can see that this is
the early design.
The lights are in the corner.
I didn't know what to do, so I screwed it in.
And I was experimenting with it a lot.
So then I come out with this wall.
Instead of having the kick from underneath, I put the
kick in the inside.
I came up with a way to hang them with fishing line, so
there's no screws.
If you can get behind here-- it's almost like tinfoil, but
you see how it moves?
And when it's a windy day, you'll see all this crazy
Sometimes when you design stuff from scratch, you'd have
to really open up your mind, and say,
well, that's not right.
But boy, it looks great.
I started asking people better ways to do projects.
The ceiling came out so good that I just laid on the floor
and I just stood up in this kind of mirror,
and thought, wow.
The squares almost look like very nice ceiling panels.

So there's early designs mixed with later designs here.

And there you are.
Streamlined, everything hidden--
but yet everything's here.
This was something I got from Pan Am when
they went out of business.
Wow, these are really beautiful cabinets, and they
have such history.
Then I found this old-school '50s piece, and this is how
they used to do it inside the wall, and I was trying to do
some of that.

In the bathroom, again, is recycled material.
Originally I didn't know what to do with the shower.
I'm still working on it, but I have the drain out here and a
drain over here.
So you don't need a wall.
Also, the floor is a heated floor.
This little thermostat controls the floor.
I saw this is in a casino, and I was like, gotta have that.
Again, the sink, you can see straight through it.
It makes the space look bigger.
One time I saw one of those commercials where they made
everything white. and I was like, that's
how I'd want my apartment.
Just the product.
I know a lot of people come in here, and they're like, it's
this a spaceship?
What is this?
And I'm like, no.
It's perfect.
It's nothing It's what I want.
I don't want anything.

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