Relatively PC Part 1 of 4

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So we're all set, then?
Uncle Tommy will take Dad down to the shop...
...where they'll tailor a computer to suit what Dad wants.
Stupid thing!
I'd better go.
I just can't get used to this phone.
Well, it looks very fancy.
What does it do?
Everything - apart from take calls!
You can't use it?
But you're working with computers and things everyday.
You even set up your Dad's Satellite Navigator.
I know...
...but it's a new way of working and I'm not there yet.
No matter how much you use this stuff...
...there's always something new.
It's always hard to cope with a different way of doing things.
Yes... must have been a big change for you...
...when they stopped the man with the red flag walking in front of the car!
For goodness' sake! My bank's been bought over...
I have to use the 'Internet only' bank now.
What am I going to do? I've got to go into the bank to get money out.
But you can still use an autobank!
I have to go into the bank to transfer money.
I've got my main account... pension goes into it...
...and it pays my gas bill, council tax, etc.
Then I've got my savings account and my spending account.
I do my banking online.
Och, that's far too complicated!
It is not!
Sign in, a few mouse clicks and you're away.
Well I did have a look at it...
But first - there's remembering the name and the password.
I thought that would be the same as the PIN...
...but it's nothing like it.
I wrote mine on a sticky note and stuck it on the screen.
Oh, very good, Tommy!
Do you leave sandwiches and lemonade for the burglars as well?
Well that's another thing:
I mean - what happens with that wee padlock thing?
Your computer has a padlock?
Yes! Well, not the computer...
...the banking screen.
What about it?
Well - how do you open it?
You don't.
Well, I don't. You're not meant to.
Well, supposing somebody else opens it?
l don't think ANYBODY opens it...'s just there to... a padlock.
Don't be daft! Why would they have a padlock you can't use?
To show how good their drawing is?
I'm just saying....'s just them telling you how safe it is.
You see - I just don't like all the nonsense that goes with these things...
...that's why I don't have a computer.
They seem to want to load you up...
...with a whole load of nonsense you can well do without...
...and I don't see why I need a computer.
But Dad...
A computer will make things easier.
I don't need things easier - they're not difficult in the first place!
But Jack, that's the way everything's going now.
You can't even get your pension from the Post Office anymore
And the surgery won't let you phone for repeat prescriptions now.
Well how do you get one, if you can't get in yourself?
You do it online.
Or send a text message.
Och, that's ridiculous!
You're telling me?
Tom Robertson couldn't get his heart pills because he was so panicked by it all...
...the poor man's lucky to still be alive.
Aye, well, I don't have a heart condition.
And I don't need a computer.
What if I got one and I...
...I don't know, I...
...I lost my handwriting!
Lost your handwriting?
Och, you know what I mean.
Look at Bill Carrick...
...broke his leg... the time it was better -
He'd lost his handwriting?
...he couldn't drive.
What are you two on about?
Could he drive before he broke his leg?
Well, he couldn't drive with a broken leg.
And I don't suppose he could take the car...
...and leave his leg at home!
So he got his son to drive him about...
...or he took taxis.
Six months he was out of the driving seat.
By the time he got back in it...
...he'd lost his confidence - he couldn't drive!
Scared of not being able to write?
Bill Carrick couldn't drive? What a load of rubbish!
You're not scared of forgetting how to drive...
You're scared of getting a computer.
Of not being able to use it.
Or breaking it.
Or looking stupid.
Give it to him, Laura.
What's this?
An appointment?
This shop where we're getting your PC...
...will make it do just what you want it to do...
So it's not full of stuff you'll never use.
And I'm coming with you - to help.
As if things weren't bad enough!