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My spirit animal is a sexy unicorn.
Hey, guys.
It's me, not Beth Hoyt.
Seriously, I'm not Beth, so stop freaking out.
I'm Franchesca Ramsey, also known as Chescaleigh, and I'm
filling in for Beth today and tomorrow, because Beth is at
VidCon along with Shannon Coffee, and Daily Grace, Molly
Templeton, Franchesca Ramsey.
Oh, wait, Franchesca couldn't make it.
Why is that?
Well, because she had to stick around New York City and burn
a hole straight through the roof of MyDamnChannel LIVE.
Seriously, I hope they are having a
lovely time out there.
But we are going to have a lot of fun here too.
And Beth was nice enough to leave me a little drawing on
the chalkboard.
Check it out.
It's like a beach scene.
Eh, probably from LA to make me jealous.
Great, well I hope Beth remembered to pack her neck
brace again, because she seems to have some bad luck, when it
comes to concussions, and LA, and standing on bidets.
Speaking of Miss Hoyt, I've got some secrets about that
that I'm going to share with you on today's show.
Oh yeah, shit's going to get real around here.
Before it gets too real, let's check out a video.
This is from Captain Hippo, who do all of our fake
commercials around here.
From their product displacement series, this is

Thank you for coming.
Who are you going to call when you have a phone.
You're going to call the folks that give help to all.
You just push the button on your sexy neckless, and you
call the nice people at Life-Assist.
We get you call at our office in Century Plaza, where we
look at your house and we come right over.
Ma'am, we're sending someone there right away, everything
is going to be a OK.
Life-Assist, we're going to pick you up.
Life-Assist, we're going to fix you up.
And the reason yo, make some noise.
We got that champagne flowing, we got that Coke and Bacardi,
we're going to get fucked up, no one try and stop me.
Everbody jump, this is going all night, but don't
take it from me.
Here's your MC Dynamite.
All you motherfuckers are going to die tonight.
While you're saving your seat, I'll make you suck on my feet.
We're going to hump till I burst like dynamite.
Ha-ha, ha-ha.
Life-Assist's, you Philly bitches,, office
is in Century Plaza.
We're going to come get you.
We're going to come get you.
We're going to come get you.
We're going to come get you.
Come on, everybody, get up.
I can't.
Come on, everybody, stand up.
I can't.
Assisting your life.

Call me crazy, but those EMTs looked like they might be
acting a little irresponsibly.
Whatever, they have a tough job, so they should be allowed
to blow off some steam.
Guys, are you guys sending in your comments and
questions to me?
Because you should.
In about three minutes I'm going to be answering stuff
live here on the show.
So, put them in the YouTube comments or Tweet me
@Chescaleigh, with the hash tag #MyDamnChannelLive.
But before we get to that, I'm going to blow your guys' mids.
Are you ready?
So Beth and I went to college together.
For realzes.
We were friends.
Look, here's a picture of us.
Ah, we're at glamor, we're so famous.
And we're doing the Daily Grace face.
And here's a wonky-eyed picture of us in college.
I look like a baby.
I look like I'm 12.
And then here we are at Beth's comedy show.
Because Beth hosts a show every week
because she's hilarious.
Yay, jokes.
We had a lot of fun together, but Beth used to
do some crazy stuff.
We were in this weird performance art show together
called After Fashion, which was all about fashion.
And one day Beth showed up to rehearsal
completely hung over.
I mean she was a hot mess.
And not only was she hung over, but she
was riding on a llama.
Topless, and without a helmet.
I don't know.
I can't imagine it's safe to ride a
llama, without a helmet.
But , you know, that's just kind of a rule breaker.
Anyway, the llama ended up being crazy talented, so he
kicked Beth out of the show, and rewrote it completely
around the Lama.
And that's when Beth went on a crazy crime spree.
It's kind of cool that the show actually is OK with the
hiring convicted felons.
OK, well not all of the story was true, the llama was
completely tone-deaf.
But it's Beth's fault that she's not here to set the
record straight, because she's the one that
decided to go VidCon.
OK, we are literally one-minute away from live
questions and comments.
But first, let's check out another video.
This is from the McMayhem.
It's Naps With Wigs.
But I don't even know what those words mean.
I guess, I guess, we're going to find out.

This is Napping with Wigs.

McMayhem, McMayhem.

Hey, daddy.
Hey, daddy.
I want to nap on you.
Oh my God, I'm so tired.
Can I have a chilly con carne taco with carne, carne asada.

Guacamole, con salsa.

I was wondering if I could get a haircut, because I wanted to
layer it like Jennifer Aniston, but I don't know if
Well, listen, I know your girl might get mad, but this hair
ain't real.
It ain't a real weave.
It ain't a real weave.

Oh, they took naps while wearing wigs.
I guess Naps with Wigs is actually a really good title
for that video.
OK, now it's time for commenting.
What have we got?
OK, the first one is from Twitter.
And it's from the Beth Hoyt. we miss you, Beth.
It says, and what is your secret for all these finishing
what you start and contest winning.
When it comes to contest winning, I enter everything.
You can't win if you don't enter.
So just go out there, and put yourself in everything.
Even when you're not qualified.
And how do I finish what I start?
I make check lists for myself.
As nerdy as it sounds.
I write everything down.
I'm kind of crazy about it.
OK, we've got another Twitter question.
It's from Sally Awake.
Woot, woot, woot.
That's my boy.
That dress is amazing.
Hey, bring on the complements.
That's a sure fire way to get included in the show.
I'm going to keep doing this.
This is the rest of the show, actually.
We've got more Twitter questions.
Let's see who this one's from.
It's from holdthebrocolli.
What is some shit Franchesca Ramsey says?
I love to say, play it cool.
I say that all the time.
Play it cool, I love this movie.
Play it cool, I'm in love with this stress.
I also say cards on the table.
Cards on the table, I can't stand your new haircut.
Try using them today in a sentence.
And we have any more questions?
Oh, we've got a comment.
OK, let's check this one out.
What's Franchesca's best idea of things to do for camping
and 4th of July.
I have to be totally honest with you, I hate camping.
The last time I went camping, I woke up with
sticks in my hair.
And it was really awful.
So I don't have any tips for camping.
I'd say stay at home, or bring an air mattress.
Because sleeping on sticks is awful.
And for 4th of July, if you're of age, make sure to ingest
lots of spirits.
And if you're not of age, watch your parents get wasted,
and make sure to drive them home.
If you can drive.
Ah, we've got another comment from YouTube.
I like this.
All right.
Bring on the compliments.
This is my compliment dance.
Yeah, keep complimenting me.
I like you guys too.
Don't tell Beth that you like me more.
Just kidding, reverse psychology.
Another question from Twitter.
This is from Joon Chung.
"What can you do now that you couldn't do before the 28-day
I can actually do 30 push ups in a minute.
Don't believe me?
Well, I'm not going to show you, because this dress is
really tight and I'm not going to get on the
floor and do push-ups.
But I can do a ton of push-ups now.
And I can run super fast on the treadmill at like a full
blown nine.
I do it all the time just to show off and make other people
jealous at the gym.
It's pretty cool
I've got another Twitter question.
This is from Brian Mann.
"Any new projects that we can look forward to?"
I'm working a lot on top secret stuff that
I can't talk about.
But, one of the things I'm really excited about is I'm
writing a lot of original material.
Hopefully, pitching this to networks, which has been
really exciting.
And just trying to get my face on every
media outlet possible.
All right, another question from Twitter.
This is from Nate Bennett. "What was the first impression
you did where you thought, nailed it?" The first
impression that I got really good at was Gwen Stefani.
I was a huge No Doubt fan.
It was my first concert, and actually won a No Doubt
sing-along contest over the radio when I
was in eighth grade.
So, yeah, I'm pretty good at the.
Don't speak.
It's a little, little taste for you.
OK, so that's all the time that we have.
But don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow and we will wrap up
this crazy week.
Share a few laughs, maybe have a good summertime cry.
Let's not plan it.
Let's just let it happen, OK?
And In the meantime , you can check me out on YouTube
Chescaleigh and on Twitter, @Chescaleigh.
and on MySpace--
just kidding.
Who's on MySpace?
No, really, don't go there.
It will damage your eyes and burn your computer.
OK, you guys.
Let's see you tomorrow, and make sure to subscribe to
I'll miss you.
I want to hug you.
OK this is awkward.