Karl Rove Meltdown on Fox News Part of Epic Fail By Pundits

Uploaded by Buzz60 on 07.11.2012

How'd you get that henhouse on your face?
It's Buzz60 Politics, I'm Jay DeDapper.
Remember prior to election how there were some big predictions for a Romney landslide
or an Obama swing-state-powered win?
Here's who got it really right and really, really wrong.
Nearly all the pollsters – with a special shout out to the Marist Poll for being the
only independent late survey to pick Obama in Florida. And then guy who became the poster
boy for defense of opinion polling, New York Times blogger Nate Silver who nailed every
state and got the margin of Obama’s popular vote correct to a tenth of a point.
Hmmm. Science works? Who knew?
And who’s got eggs on their faces? Pretty much every conservative pundit from George
Will to Dick Morris to their ringleader, Karl Rove who went through the first stage of grief
live on Fox.
“I’m going to ask you a straight up question /// Do you think Ohio is settled? No I don’t.”
Even though Fox’s own poll experts had called it. What to do? This you gotta see:
“Here’s what we’re going to do. Karl Rove said that we should figure out what the
deal is with the Decision Desk and the Decision Desk is in a different place // Megyn is going
to go to the Decision Desk and interview them about the decision on Ohio. Try to get to
the bottom of this.”
You can’t make this up.
“So we’ll do a little interrogation and we’ll see if they stand by their call, notwithstanding
the doubts Karl Rove has attempted to place.”
Is this just an excuse to show Megyn Kelly walking around looking sexy? Anyway, after
the pros were forced to defend themselves, Rove got to respond and then the team dragooned
the polling guy out to the set where it all ended with whimper.
Somehow I doubt this will have any impact on Karl Rove’s career though.