Dell XPS 15z - Design overview

Uploaded by DellVlog on 19.05.2011

Alright, this is Lionel Menchaca from Direct2Dell. I've got Ed Boyd with me. Ed leads our global design efforts
So Ed thanks for joining us today.
My pleasure.
I wanted to ask you, what were the design goals with the XPS 15z?
that couple things that really
key for us we wanted to develop a product
uh... that you know
pro-sumers, you know creative professionals people really pushing the envelope
would...would love and there were a few things that were really critical one is unparalleled
performance, so the need for high-performance and um... and display panels
and processing and graphics
was very critical to this audience
and then also uh... a high level of mobility so what you are going to see is a a product that has
you know a form factor that's thin and light and very mobile and we think that we've accomplished
uh... you know our two objectives very well.
Awesome. And you mentioned that the kind of customers that you think are going to be buying this product,
what do you think were some of the design challenges?
Ah, you know, from a mobility perspective it was putting all that performance in a thin
and highly mobile package
for us,
uh... also getting the level of fit, finish
and craftsmanship that uh...
this audience just demands and expects in their products and so doing the two together
was, was
definitely challenging but uh...
we definitely and in a really great place so very proud of the work in the XPS 15z
Awesome. And this isn't the first thin and light laptop you've designed?
It isn't. We started with the Adamo class products uh... which uh...
were beautifully crafted and we learned a tremendous amount on how to develop parts
that have that level of craftsmanship uh...
but kinda lacked performance and so uh... you're finding now and they in new XPS products
you know, you know, the performance and their craftsmanship that we had
so uh... it's kind of the next step for us in our evolution.
Awesome. And what are some design features of it
that you are proud of?
i'm definitely proud, of you know um... the overall form factor and the design. It looks
really great
uh... the materials that we used in this or uh... were aluminum and they're very uh...
you know, very well crafted
and so the level of fit, finish in this feels really fantastic so I'm very proud of the
design work
uh... I love the keyboard. It's one of my favorite uh... keyboards to use
and just overall 360 degrees this is a great looking product.
Awesome. So what does the 15z mean
from a design standpoint for our future products?
you'll see uh... this trajectory of highly mobile
and uh... and high performance products
evolving over time and so
um... this is just the beginning for us in the XPS family of, of really pushing the
so there's more to come.
Awesome. Well listen, thanks for joining us today.
Thank you.