Ryan and Chipps Play Mario Party 2 Ep. 1 Pt. 1: All Parties Take Place on a Giant Board Game

Uploaded by AquatakatII on 10.09.2010

>> RYAN: Hello, Internet people. My name is Ryan.
>> CHIPPS: I'm Chipps.
>> RYAN: And today the two of us are playing Mario Party.
It's going to be exciting. You are in for a treat.
>> CHIPPS: It's going to be so good. >> RYAN: So amazing.
I don't know what level we're playing.
>> CHIPPS: Uhh, pirate. It's always pirate.
Don't pick western. No. Pirate, yeah. There you go.
>> RYAN: Pirate's wicked. >> CHIPPS: Yep.
Oh, he's a boat now.
>> RYAN: He is a boat.
>> CHIPPS: Where could I procure a pair of boat pants?
>> RYAN: [laughs]
Boat pants. I love boat pants.
>> CHIPPS: You're not picking those up at... J. C. Penny.
>> RYAN: Probably Walmart.
To fit all of the people with incredibly large bottoms. Oh god.
>> CHIPPS: Yeah, Walmart! >> RYAN: Walmart.
I'm Luigi.
>> CHIPPS: OK, um. I'm going to be Donkey Kong because
it is just really embarrassing to lose to Donkey Kong.
>> RYAN: [laughs]
>> CHIPPS: He fucks your ship up and, yeah, not good.
Peach easy, Wario hard. Comedy.
>> RYAN: Funny. It's hilarious.
>> CHIPPS: Alright.
See, Peach is the joke character. For the comedic value.
And the big Donkey Kong.
>> RYAN: Peach is pretty great because you got the whole... granny underpants thing going
>> CHIPPS: Hm. >> RYAN: Yeah.
I love granny underpants.
>> CHIPPS: Ooh. Item.
>> RYAN: So, pirates! How do you feel about pirates?
>> CHIPPS: Ohhh... I know I like their hats. Look at the hats, man.
>> RYAN: The hats are pretty wicked.
>> CHIPPS: Bought a hat like that at iParty once.
>> RYAN: HELLO. There you go.
>> CHIPPS: Oh no. I wanted ten but I got eight.
>> RYAN: You know, it's funny. Whenever I used to play this and I would get last I would
be like, "Yeah, last is better because it's more strategic. You can do stuff after everybody
>> CHIPPS: Uh, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. There is no such thing as
strategy in Mario Party. You get that star and pay those 20 coins.
>> RYAN: [laugh] Jesus Christ, did you see Toad?
>> RYAN: He was like rockin- >> CHIPPS: He was excited to play some Mario
>> RYAN: He was rocking that boat.
>> CHIPPS: He... ooh. But don't tip the boat over, Toad.
Alright. Three coins. Great.
>> RYAN: This is exciting. This is definitely the best part of Mario Party.
>> CHIPPS: Alright, Peach. Ooh.
That is not how banks work.
I have not seen a bank like that. It's more of a toll booth with a prize kind of thing.
>> RYAN: Toll booth lottery?
>> CHIPPS: Look how huge the coin is back there! Like, how was she holding all those
coins if they're that big?
>> RYAN: No, they melt them down and then they make the larger coin is how they make-
>> CHIPPS: There's a forge back there.
>> RYAN: OK, how do we do this? ... Move. The icy centre is very slippery!
>> CHIPPS: OK, OK the controls are move with the analogue stick.
>> RYAN: Oh, well.
>> CHIPPS: Alright. Let's give bumper balls a shot.
>> RYAN: I am going after the joke character. Oh damn.
>> CHIPPS: I forgot which one's the joke character!
>> RYAN: Oh, she just sort of went right off the edge. Oh god, I'm being chased. This is
>> CHIPPS: Get out of here! >> RYAN: Oh! I just- Right off the edge!
>> RYAN: I'm very good at video games. >> CHIPPS: Unfortunate.
Alright. Come on, there. No, no.
>> RYAN: Come on. You can do this. I believe in you.
I don't believe in you, you're terrible.
>> CHIPPS: Oh, coming from Mr. I Fell Off the Ice.
>> RYAN: It's really slippery. Did you not listen to the description?
>> CHIPPS: It's difficult, man. I was-
Oh, uh oh. Uh oh. He's got- Ooh.
Look at that.
Smug bastard.
>> RYAN: What an asshole.
>> CHIPPS: Taking my coins. No, actually...
He did not. That is not how Mario Party works.
>> RYAN: [laughs]
>> CHIPPS: Coins just appear. You really- Nothing happens if you lose.
There are no losers in Mario Kart. There's a winner and three other guys.
>> RYAN: This entire- Wait, Mario Kart?
>> CHIPPS: Mario Kart.
>> RYAN: Oh right. OK.
>> CHIPPS: We're not karting. We're partying.
Because all parties take place on a giant board game.
>> RYAN: [laughs]
I know at parties: Parties are definitely a big part.
>> CHIPPS: "Hey man, who wants to play Monopoly?"
>> RYAN: No one wants to play Monopoly ever.
>> CHIPPS: Nope, nope, Tile Driver. Alright. I definitely want to play some Tile Driver.
>> RYAN: That sounds vaguely erotic.
>> CHIPPS: Drive some tiles. Oh, this one.
OK, here we go. I don't think I can do this like...
>> RYAN: Waiwaiwaiwait. I have no idea what we're doing.
>> CHIPPS: Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm an asshole.
You just ground pound to make a thing.
>> RYAN: OK, so I'm making an ugly goomba.
>> CHIPPS: So, my screen is so bad right now I can't even see Donkey Kong.
I'm just guestimating this.
I can see his shadow.
>> RYAN: You'll figure it out.
Oh, I think I might actually win this.
>> CHIPPS: I can't see you! You're entirely invisible on my screen.
>> GAME: Finish!
>> CHIPPS: Who won?
>> RYAN: I don't know. I won! Oh god, I'm totally amazing.
>> CHIPPS: Look at me! I have a goomba! I have a goomba!
>> RYAN: You got it like milliseconds too late.
>> CHIPPS: Well, I should get a consolation prize for not even seeing what I was supposed
to make. The entire border kept flickering and...
>> RYAN: No consolation prizes. You're playing Mario Party. This is hardcore.
>> CHIPPS: Serious business. >> RYAN: Serious business.
>> CHIPPS: Ooh. Aw.
He's back on the boat where the pirate belongs.
That... scurvy...
>> RYAN: Scurver. OK. >> CHIPPS: Scurvian.
Do I want to buy an item? Let's take a look. No.
>> RYAN: But you could have a mushroom or a skeleton key!
Look, you could have went through that gate just now I think.
>> CHIPPS: I just realised you're not doing your voice.
>> RYAN: Should I be doing the voice?
>> CHIPPS: You should be doing the voice!
If it's going up.
>> RYAN: Um... alrighty. I'll do the voice.
Let's just start the voice halfway through. You could totally do that, can't we, Internet
Oh, maybe I want an item. No.
No items for Luigi.
>> CHIPPS: Yeah, you can't do the voice.
>> RYAN: [laughs]
>> CHIPPS: Too late. >> RYAN: I could... If I had started, I could
probably, but...
>> CHIPPS: This isn't much of a Let's Play. This is more of a... home recording.
>> RYAN: Well, you know. Let's play.
>> CHIPPS: He's bowling. He's bowling and we're hopping. Alright, you hop to the left.
I'll hop to the right.
>> RYAN: OK. >> CHIPPS: He'll never get us.
>> RYAN: Oh! I'm stuck on this pin.
>> CHIPPS: Get away from me, Peach. I will mess you up.
>> CHIPPS: No! >> RYAN: Oh god.
>> CHIPPS: God damn it. Peach won.
>> RYAN: I thought there was a third, uh... >> CHIPPS: Oh, we all win. Sweet.
>> RYAN: I thought there was a third thing. I was going to be all, uh...
>> CHIPPS: There are no losers in Mario Party. Don't forget.
>> RYAN: Have you ever played Mario Party 8?
>> CHIPPS: Uhh... I have not submitted to that torture, no.
>> RYAN: Never play it. It's the worst Mario Party I've ever played. Of course, I've only
ever played one through three.
>> CHIPPS: Aww!
>> RYAN: Seriously?
>> CHIPPS: Look at that. It put you down with me, though.
>> RYAN: I was an innocent bystander. That's practically murder.
>> CHIPPS: We're never going to get the star now, man!
>> RYAN: We need to get the star. It's the most important part of our lives.
>> CHIPPS: We need stars so we can...? What do they do with the stars, man?
>> RYAN: They're power stars. They're used for power. They're electricity. I don't know.
Maybe it makes all these things come alive. You know.
>> CHIPPS: You don't understand, man. I need the star... to live.
Oh, no one likes Slot Car Derby.
>> RYAN: Oh, I love Slot Car Derby. >> CHIPPS: You are a liar.
>> CHIPPS: Look at Donkey Kong. >> RYAN: Oh my god.
>> CHIPPS: Look at that magnificent bastard.
Doin' it, doin' it, doin' it right.
>> RYAN: Aw, fuck. You're catching up to me.
Fuck! Shit! Piss!
>> CHIPPS: Pickles.
>> RYAN: Oh god! >> CHIPPS: Ha ha! Donkey Kong! Oh.
>> RYAN: How is Peach winning? She's useless.
No! Ohhh!
>> GAME: New record.
>> RYAN: Why do the computer players set records? That doesn't seem right to me.
>> CHIPPS: I thought this was a new save file. I didn't think there were records.
Like, he just participated. He is a participant.
>> RYAN: You get the fourth place ribbon.
>> CHIPPS: Unacceptable. Come on, Donkey. Don't fuck this up.
Are we... allowed to say fuck?
>> RYAN: I don't know. It's YouTube.
They had, like, faces of death on YouTube for a while.
>> CHIPPS: There aren't any YouTube laws that we must abide by.
>> RYAN: I'm pretty sure as long as we don't talk about... you know...
>> CHIPPS: Uh oh! Poor Peach.
>> RYAN: I love Bowser spaces. Bowser's hilarious. Stars packed to go!
>> CHIPPS: Peach? More like... beach. Nyeh. You know.
>> RYAN: You're funny.
>> CHIPPS: Humour.
Look, a... a... eh... it... this...