One Piece - Strong World Episode 0 English Subbed Part 1

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That woman is living in a fairy tale. She believes she can save her homeland by sacrificing herself.
And now you've come along too.What's this, a foolhardy suicide squad?!
Nami didn't come here to sacrifice herself.
She was just the advance guard, coming to fight!
Get ready, Gold Lion Shiki!
We're the main battalion!
There's nothing left of your factory, your royal palace, or your island!
Your plan has failed completely!
I will never let you touch...
my crew...
or the sea...
Gigant Thor...
Is a man from East Blue really standing in my way again?!
The "Gold Lion", Shiki.
This story begins three years before the curtain rose upon the Great Pirate Era.
Fleet Admiral Kong!
Roger and the Gold Lion have made contact in Edd War, over in the New World!
Yeah, I heard.
Wait, Garp! We're not done talking.
You might not be done, but I am.
Garp! Get back here!
Garp-san, did you turn down your promotion again?
That's so cool of you!
I can already do as I like, so I don't need a higher rank!
Tsuru-chan, let me come along if you're sailing out there.
Nobody invited you to go, did they?
You'll just break the ship as soon as you board, so I don't want you with me.
Oh, don't say that.
I'll be the one to take down that damn Roger.
Garp! I was entrusted with the Shiki case!
Stay out of this!
Oh, don't mind me.
I'll let you take all the credit.
That's not what I meant!
Wow, Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Garp are both going!
Well, it is Roger after all.
Garp-san just can't leave him alone.
Captain Roger!
Your life comes first, right?!
Just this once, we should just listen to what the Gold Lion says!
Hey, your body won't let you die no matter how many times they cut you, so why do you care?
I still have weaknesses, you dumbass!
Oh yeah, Crocus-san! How is the captain's condition?
He'd be better off not fighting, right?
Please, medically relieve him!
Unfortunately for you, he's in perfect shape!
Just give it up.
We've been together a long time,and we've never been able to stop Roger.
No way!
Have faith in Tom's ship, the Oro Jackson!
Roger doesn't have much time left.
How many times have we had this discussion, Roger?
A lot of things have happened between us, but let's put the past behind us!
We'll use that apocalyptic weapon you've found and my military might!
And then, with the perfect plan I've spent so many years developing,
we can conquer the entire world at once!
Become my right hand man, Roger!
I have no interest in conquering anything, Shiki!
If you can't do as you please, there's no point in being a pirate, is there?!
No matter how you try to pressure me,
Gold Lion! I refuse your offer!
Don't, Captain!
Don't you realize how many ships we're up against?!
In other words, your answer is...
"Please kill me right here and now!" Isn't it?!
No, it's "I'm gonna crush every last one of you!"
The man known as the Chief of the Great Pirate Armada, Gold Lion Shiki...
and the future Pirate King, Gold Roger, clashed.
This fight came to be called the Great Battle of Edd War.
Roger's ship, which many assumed would be completely obliterated,
was spared by a sudden change of weather.
In the end, half of Shiki's fleet sunk into the sea.
Furthermore, an unfortunate accident befell Shiki...
forcing him to flee the battlefield and tend to his injuries.
So what about the steering wheel?
Ah, Doctor Indigo.
I can't remove it.
It's stuck so deep in his skull that forcing it out could kill him.
I see.
It's fine.
It happens all the time.
No, accidentally getting a steering wheel stuck in your head in the middle of a battle is quite unheard of.
Still, your vitality is as impressive as ever.
Well, I am mighty enough to be called "Lion", after all.
What the?! Who's that chicken?!
That's YOU!
Uh, no...
Two years later, the Roger Pirates finally did the impossible...
and successfully conquered the Grand Line.
Gold Roger came to be known as the Pirate King.
Shortly after, the Roger Pirates mysteriously vanished.
Then, after another year had passed by...
Extra! Extra!
News of the Pirate King's capture spread, surprising the entire world.
Roger was captured?!
Our sources are reliable.
Liar! You think I'd believe that?!
You all know how strong he is, don't you?!
Chief! Please, calm down!
Don't go spouting off random crap like that!
Chief, where are you going?!
Intruder alert!
The intruders are by the plaza in Marineford Bay!
How many are there?!
No way! It's...!
Just one!
The enemy is the Gold Lion Shiki, and he's alone!
There's no way Roger could've been caught by trash like you!
I respected that man's strength!
Admiral Sengoku!
Roger is the Pirate King.
In his battle with you, he left victorious.
The Pirate King?! So what?!
If he'd have just lent me a hand, we could have ruled the world together!
We might have been enemies, but we were part of the same era!
If he's here, then let me see him!
If he's gonna die, then I will be the one who kills him!
The execution will take place in one week, in his hometown,
the "Town of Beginnings" in East Blue, Loguetown.
Roger's death should break the spirit of even the most formidable pirates.
Vice Admiral Garp!
The legend of the Pirate King, Gold Roger,
will end in East Blue, the weakest sea?!
Don't make me laugh!
That'll be your last insult to that shithead, won't it?!
Its weakness makes it the perfect place...
East Blue is a symbol of peace!
We will not let you interfere with the execution!