H+ Episode 40: Two of Them

Uploaded by HplusDigitalSeries on 05.12.2012


MANTA: They had you locked in there for three years.
That was my fault.
I took that from you.
Why are you spending more of your life on me?
Do you want me to admit it to you?
Is that what this is about?
Yes, I hurt you.
I didn't want to, but I did.
MATTEO: Manta?
MATTEO: You don't look good.
We should walk the rest of the way.
I can't fix the car.
You think you can make it?
The hallucinations. I can't control them.
It's just a withdrawal.
From your chip.
When we fall into a routine,
our brain builds neural pathways
to help us think more efficiently.
But then when there's a dramatic change
to that routine, the pathways lay dormant.
Sometimes the brain tries to use them anyway,
but eventually they're dismantled.
We forget, and the sense of loss passes.
But what if there are things, though?
People that we don't want to forget?
Sometimes we have to in order to heal.
How do you know so much
about the brain, neural pathways?
I don't know more than the basics.
But I was a science teacher.
I taught at the orphanage in Oria.
Sometimes I still teach the kids,
whenever it's possible.
You teach them science?
Science will rebuild the world.
Science was the cause of all of this.
People who abused it were the cause.
You had a hallucination too.
A vision, in Oria.
It wasn't a vision.
When you arrived, your implant shut down,
and my HPlus activated for the first time ever.
That's not coincidence, and it's not divine.
I've mapped a route.
We should get going.
I need to tell you something.
I've done bad things in the past.
I've hurt innocent people.
Will you listen to me?
I don't need you to be a priest again.
But if I can just...talk.
I'll listen.
Tell me.
Twelve years ago,
I believed I was everyone and everything.
Black hat, reckless hacker, living on my terms.
Then I met a man.
His name was Francis Peters.