How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Elephant

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now we're going to take the basic balloon doll and turn this into an elephant. How are
we going to do that? We'll I'm going to show you also a new twist in this. We're going
to start with the Elephant's trunk. It's going to be a very long trunk. That's called the
bubble. Once you twist the bubble you can pull the little naughty bit. Pull it, and
bend it to shape it. You see it's going a little bit thinner at the bottom, which gives
us a little bit more realism to the outer shape of the elephant's trunk. Now I'll show
you that new twist I was telling you about. It's called a fold twist, so what we do is
fold the balloon over to make an ear shape, pinch and twist it to the bottom, and lock
twist that together. Now that's a lot for us to remember; a fold twist followed by a
pinch twist, followed by a lock twist. Let me show you one more time. You fold the balloon
over, pinch it at the bottom, and lock twist them together. As you can see that makes the
elephant's trunk and his big ears. Now, coming down to the neck of the elephant, much like
a little doggy, a little pinch twist and then the legs. Pinch mirror them and lock twist
them together. He's fun, I like the little elephant. Now we'll come down the rest of
the body of the elephant, and stretching it a little bit. Coming down the body, pinch
it and twist. Down the back legs. Elephant's don't have long tails, it only needs to be
small. Lock twist those together, and we've got our elephant. We can either leave their
little trunk coming down like that or if you want it to be really curly, you can just tuck
it into here, into this little joint here. Take the nozzle and tuck it into his toes
so that his trunk will stay in place without any fiddly fingers putting it out. But if
you just want it brief, he can just stay as he is. We're going to add those eyes on again,
make him a little boy elephant. So we're omitting those eyelashes this time. And there's your
balloon elephant.