How to Swing Dance : The Sweetheart Move in Swing Dancing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2007

Hi! I am Ross on behalf of, and this is my dance partner Cindy. We are
going to show you the sweetheart. Two hands, now I will lead her towards me and to my side.
I am going to do that by looking at my watch; my pretend one. She will take a slightly like
this. So I am going to lead her towards me looking at my watch; and because she has a
frame, we are communicating on how she should move. And now she is next to me like this,
and then I will send her back out. So bring up my hand, and bring her next to me, and
send her out. Again, I am going to lead her straight towards me to begin with, but because
of bringing this hand across, I am leading her to my right side. Here she is on my right
hand side, and one more time sweetheart, I am going to look at my watch, bring her right
next to me. We are hip to hip, we are connected and at this point, we are going to finish
the move by both of us doing a rock step. So now we go ahead and add the basic swing
step to it. Slow-slow quick-quick, slow-slow quick-quick, slow-slow quick-quick, slow-slow
quick-quick, slow-slow quick-quick, bring her in quick-quick, send her out quick-quick
and if you want to add a slight flair to it, turn and send her out… and there is the