Uploaded by HappyCabbie on 22.05.2012

Hello everybody, I am the HappyCabbie.
There is going to be two videos I put out today
Make sure you click on either the annotations or the links down below in the video description
as well as a very important blog post that I am very proud of and would like your feedback on.
But nevertheless, there have been a couple of videos being made
and more videos are being made right now
talking about these YouTube partners that are going to be "forced to stop making videos."
and to me that is complete bullwinkle and let me go ahead and explain why.
Yes there are some Partners who have had their view counts go down
some of them even dramatically over the past month.
I was looking at one person, Onision, for example and you can see a 50% drop
from one month to the next and no apparent explanation for it.
But then there are other channels and you can take a look at their stuff, and you can see,
"Oh ok, well this is exactly what happened and this is why this person's views dropped."
I am also able to take a look at other people's views
and I can see that their views are actually going up.
And of course with me, my views have pretty much remained constant.
Even though like on this video right here is only get maybe a few thousand views
Because I am constantly linking my videos to others via playlists, annotations,
stuff like that, constantly talking about my other videos, my total daily view count
has always has been just perfect like right now
I am averaging about 10,000 views per day
This because if you watch one, you watch another one, cross promotion and all that type of stuff.
But nevertheless,
people who are talking about the fact, "I can't make videos because my view counts are down."
Don't give into that because not everybody's view counts are down.
Take a look at someone whose view counts are up find out what they are doing,
and see what you can to to try to rebuild your channel and stuff like that.
I do encourage you guys to read the post that I put in my Blogger account
I wanted to get your feedback on that.
Some of the things that I have noticed that YouTube has done.
Some of the things I would like YouTube to change.
Some of the things you and I can do as far as video creators to get our videos
out there a little bit more
I am the HappyCabbie
save youtube
YouTube is FUBAR, Onision
TheWillofDC Save YouTube Campaign