Elizabeth (8/11) Movie CLIP - I Am No Man's Elizabeth (1998) HD

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Lord robert!
Your majesty.
Elizabeth: Will you dance?
If it please you.
Play a volta.
[music begins]
Why will you not see me?
Lord robert: You must let me explain.
Others will take advantage of this.
You must not believe what they tell you.
They are jealous...
And envious.
Because I am nothing to them, and everything to you.
Elizabeth: Do you love her?
No. I love you. I have always loved you.
I was afraid of losing you, because I was not free.
For god's sake, you are still my elizabeth.
No. I am not your elizabeth!
I am no man's elizabeth.
And if you think to rule her,
You are mistaken.
I will have one mistress here!
And no master!