Pleung see rong Ep.01 [4/9] [Eng sub]

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Khun Kat.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, khun Thinit.
Hello, khun Thinit.
You can sit there, please.
Thank you.
I think we should go and receive the guests there.
Why did you leave me?
Without you, who would love me as much as Na Mai?
Mom is mean!
Brother is also hard!
I really want to die with you!
It's unbelievable..
that there's a father who can make his son love him like this.
Look at him!
Are you a she.. a he.. or a bi?
You! don't annoy me!
Why do you have to keep your true self secret?
You're gay...what's wrong about that?
And who are you? Are you that good?
I'm someone without value..
Who has a dad and a mom, but it's like if they don't exist.
Let me tell you..
If my dad died, I won't be crying and wanting to die too like you.
So you're a problem child.
I really want to know who created this word.
A problem child... comes from the adults who don't understand the child
Who don't love and care the child like they should
Because they care more about their own happiness than their child.
And also from the adults who bring troubles to the child
Because they care about their pride and their face!
Your mom?
She hates me.
Mom likes me...but not as much as herself.
Mom is afraid that I'll make her lose face.
She's afraid that someone would know that her son is gay.
You're cute!
You're also pitiful.
I'll take you to have fun. Where do you want to go?
Anywhere's fine.
So you're rich.
Rich, but lack happiness, that's why I have to be sad like this.
But you...where are you from?
From a broken family..
Why would you care about who I am?
I'll be glad to be your friend...
Glad to give you love and warmness as someone who has a life like yours.
Ok! Hope on!
What is it?
I want to change sex and be as pretty as you!
You're already pretty!
You should think carefully about it...
Before cutting it out.
You're very lovely!
If I wasn't like this, I would want you as my girlfriend.
So cute!
If you want me to be your girlfriend to fool your mother and your surrounding..
that you're not gay..
I'll do it.
Thank you so much!
I'll be glad to!
I'm going to find Kuat.
Don't worry.
Don't worry?
Till know, we don't know if he's out doing drugs or stuff like that
If he were caught by the police, where should khun Tin and I keep our face?
I think... you just keep it where it is..
Hearing you say that, I really feel bad for Kuat.
You don't worry about him at all
You're afraid that he'll bring you and khun Tin shame, aren't you?
Na Mai, I'm back.
Where did you go all night?
You smell so much alcohol!
I told you not to get drunk, didn't I?
When will you behave like your brother?
Khun Kat.
Khun Tin.
Khun Saowarot.
How come you're here?
Rot picked me up at the airport.
It's such a hassle to you.
They engaged, you don't call this a hassle.
Khun Tin..
I'm..sorry that I couldn't keep khun Thep's life till your return
It's fine.
Thank you.
Are you okay, Kuat?
I'm fine, khun P.
Na Mai!
If you'll excuse me.
See you later at the temple.
Rot, let's go.
It hurts!
Why do you have to show that you love your uncle more than your brother?
Did you see that your brother was unhappy?
Was he unhappy or... are you the one who was unhappy...
that his fiancée came to fetch him?
You created such a perfect image for khun Tin...
So perfect that Kuat is afraid...
And he wouldn't dare show him his love.
You're so protective.
If something bad happens to Kuat, you have to be responsible.
You don't have to worry that I'll be a shame to you and to khun P.
Because I have a girlfriend now.
Didn't you said that you brought her to a funeral?
How can you let her gone all night?
If you behave like this, you can't stay here!