Accessible Library Service for a Person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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Accessible Library Service for a Person who is Deaf
or Hard of Hearing.
An EnAbling Change Partnership Project with the Accessibility
Directorate of Ontario and the Ontario Library Association.
May I help you?
I'm looking for a mystery novel.
Do you have a particular author in mind you'd like to read?
I just want something new, maybe something British,
maybe something American.
Let's get started.
We can go to the computer over here and we'll
see what we can find.
Face the library customer so she can see you speaking.
Try to provide service in a well-lit area.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
So we'll look at the computer and get into our catalogue.
And then we'll look at it together and you can
tell me which authors you're interested in.
Thank you.
So this is a very current one published in 2009, The Mammoth
Book of Best British Mysteries.
So that's a lot of short stories perhaps, put together
by a lot of different authors.
These are old classic British mystery writers.
I think the first one you showed me seems interesting
because it's a bunch of little stories you said.
Well, we'll try that.
Let's have a look.
Thank you.
Yeah, great.
We have one here in our library.
We have one here.
We can go over to the shelf and have a look for it.
Work together in front of a computer screen so the
customer can see the book selection options.
Here we go.
This is the title.
Hope you'll find that of interest.
It looks interesting.
Is there a way that I could contact the library.
Yes, we have a couple of options for you.
You can call us through the Bell Relay Service, and
we also have a TTY line.
The one we have here is the only one in our library system.
So you would need to use Bell Relay in other branches.
OK, if you'd like to come over here I'll show you our TTY.
This is our TTY line and you're welcome to use it
yourself for local calls.
And also you can correspond with us and we can use the TTY
to talk to you that way too.
Do all of the branches have a TTY?
We're the location with a TTY, but you can also use the Bell
Relay Service to talk to any of our branches.
That sounds good.
Ensure the library customer knows about other accessible
features your library may offer, such as TTY or
Bell Relay Service.
You have any other questions today?
You've been most helpful.
And thank you.
I appreciate the time you spent with me today.
Well it's my pleasure and we hope to see you again soon.
Take care.
Have a good day.