Motorcycle Maintenance & Accessories : How to Use the Clutch on a Motorcycle

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.11.2008

Hi, we're here to show you how to use and adjust, your manual clutch properly. On every
motorcycle that is manual transmission, you do have a cable operated clutch. To adjust
the clutch properly, your motorcycle has to be room temperature, so that means you don't
want to start it before you make the adjustment, or after you come back from a ride. You want
to do it before you make your ride, and as you can see, there's this big large adjusting
nut, because that means it's a periodic adjustment, and should be done before each ride. In order
to, you want to refer to your motorcycle's manual, to get the exact spec, but a general
rule, is the clutch cable free play, should be three to five millimeters, and you can
measure this by looking here at your perch, and your lever, and that should be about the
width of a quarter, which is three millimeters, before it pulls any tension on your cable.
To take away free play, I'm going to make sure my lock and nut is loose, and my adjuster,
I'm going to turn counterclockwise, which will take free play away. To obtain free play,
we just do the opposite, and turn the adjuster in. Once I reach my proper free play, which
right here we have about three millimeters, I'm going to lock the adjuster nut, and this
is how you properly adjust a cable operated clutch. To use your clutch, it's very simple.
After you've made the proper adjustments and you know you have the proper free play on
your cable, and your bike is warmed up to the proper operating temperature. A good way
to get a feel for a clutch on a new motorcycle, would be after the bike is warm, and you press
the bike into gear, is to keep one finger on the front brake, and without applying any
gas, just to slowly let out your clutch, until you hear your bike stall, and when that bike
stalls, take a reference note, of where your lever is, on your clutch, and that will give
you a good starting point, of when that clutch is going to engage, so your next time, keep
your hand off the front brake, don't apply any gas, and let your clutch release, and
the bike will slowly creep forward and that's when you know your engagement spot is on your
clutch, and which in return, will give you a great starting point on your first time,
on riding your bike.