WGP 2010 FINAL16 : Card Announcement 1/3

Uploaded by K1 on 18.09.2010

FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2010 IN SEOUL -FINAL16- : Fight card announcement!!
Hello, everyone! This is K-1 Event Producer Sadaharu Tanikawa.
This October 2nd in Korea we will hold the FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2010 IN
SEOUL -FINAL16-, and now I'd like to announce the fightcards.
In the Final 16 we have last year's top 8 along with this years regional champs,
And fighters chosen by fans making a total of 16 fighters.
They are all the real deal. We have the top fighters from all over the world. This is what K-1 is all about!
First, I'd like to announce the fans' choice.
We've received votes from all over the world.
No. 1: Peter Aerts (17,247 votes)
No. 2: Catalin Morosanu (15,229 votes)
No. 3: Andrei Arlovski (6,282 votes)
No. 4: Alexey Ignashov (6,114 votes)
No. 5: Gokhan Saki (5,357 votes)
No. 6: Daniel Ghita (4,335 votes)
No. 7: Melvin Manhoef (4,311 votes)
No. 8: Tyrone Spong (3,223 votes)
No. 9: Hesdy Gerges (2,364 votes)
No. 10: Patrice Quarteron (2,335 votes)
No. 11: Raul Catinas (2,026 votes)
No. 12: Zabit Samedov (1,816 votes)
No. 13: Dzevad Poturak (933 votes)
No. 14: Sergey Kharitonov (882 votes)
No. 15: Chalid "Die Faust" (737 votes)
No. 16: Singh "Heart" Jaideep (629 votes)
No. 17: Jan Soukup (604 votes)
No. 18: Nathan Corbett (563 votes)
No. 19: Anderson "Braddock" Silva (464 votes)
No. 20: Sergii Lashchenko (445 votes)
Plus 285 other fighters (total votes: 76,181)
We made offers to the most popular fighters and negotiated with their possible opponents.
Some fighters, like Ignashov, couldn't appear because of injuries, some others just weren't ready for the K-1 ring at this time.
We found the men who were most motivated and completed the roster of
16 fighters.
I'd now like to announce the FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2010 IN SEOUL -FINAL16- fight card.
We've already announced:
Alistair Overeem vs. Ben Edwards
Jerome Le Banner vs. Kyotaro
And now I'll announce the last 6 cards.
Here we go. The third F16 card:
Semmy Schilt vs. Hesdy Gerges
As you know, Semmy is current and 4-time world champion who, at this point, is virtually unstoppable.
His opponent, Hesty Gerges, is a popular fighter and the IT'S SHOWTIME heavyweight champion.
Basically, we have the K-1 champ versus the IT'S SHOWTIME champ facing off in the F16.
And it was Gerges who beat Badr Hari in May's IT'S SHOWTIME.
His participation was decided due not only to fan votes, but due to tweets and web sites declaring they want him.
Chakuriki Gym's Tom Harinck bills him as the new star of Egypt.
That's right. It's K-1 versus IT'S SHOWTIME!
The next F16 card is...
Ewerton Teixeira vs. Peter Aerts
This is a match I'm really looking forward to.
Peter Aerts has been in the Final 16 since the start of K-1, but last year was the first time he didn't make it into the top 8.
I still consider him one of the top 8 fighters in the world so along with Teixeira, this is a top 8 fighter match.
Last year, Kyokushin champ Teixeira was defeated by Alistair Overeem, but...
He's in top form this year training at Holland's Mejiro Gym and
defeating Alex Roberts in July with a first-round KO. He's really evolved.
There is another Kyokushin world tournament next year, so I'm sure this is the best time for him to focus on the K-1 crown.
Peter was defeated by Kyotaro in April, but now he's back to his regular weight,
And back to top form ready for Teixeira. I can't wait to see this one!
The fifth F16 card is...
Errol Zimmerman vs. Daniel Ghita
Even experts can't agree on who has the advantage here. There's no doubt that these two fighters are the future of K-1.
Errol has made the top 8 two years running,
And his nickname (Erojiman in Japanese), the Z-man is as well known as his abilities.
Daniel lost against champ Semmy Schult last year,
But he definitely belongs in the top 8.
Z-man has the build and the skills -
Daniel Ghita has the samurai resolve and a killer low kick.
Ghita could take the Z-man.
But the Z-man has evolved and is one of the favored contenders for the K-1 crown.
This is a fighter's fight to answer the question, "whose style is superior?"