Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-1 (Set Your Mind)

Uploaded by coachingbadminton on 01.06.2012

Before you try to do the whole program
of Follow Lee and program
of the first lesson, Follow Lee first lesson
Net Kill, please do not
view it if you don't understand what I am going to say
if you do not agree
if you don't think you can do it, what I am going to say
it's meaningless to watch the technical
aspect of what I am going to explain to you
which is the connection,
connection from your heart, from your soul
from every emotions, from your body
to the shuttle cock, there must be a thick connection
that quality of connection is
the winning factor, the 99 percent
of win or loose of a match is decided by
99 percent of the connection, ok you make it too much
but I would like to explain it to you this way, I don't know the name of it
the mother has a baby in her stomach
from mother to baby there is a line, it is a life line
the whole food, thinking passes to the baby
that kind of connection must be done
must be existed between the player and the shuttle cock
if the player has not got that connection
which means the desire to take the shuttle cock, desire to
take that shuttle cock to some where to win
without that connection it is completely meaningless
to training, to be a competitor, to be the winner
it looks like a person try to drive racing car without engine in it
ok, this is what I mean by that this connection can be done
in any circumstances practice, training and matches and any where ok watch this,
ok that's the feeder can be your coach or your friend
this is not connected, this person is just ready
he is doing it not badly, but something is missing
99 percent of this practice is missing,
he is just using the muscle, racket
bone, nothing else there is no connection what so ever,
but what I am looking for from the players
is this
ok wait
ya, hungry, I don't have to say myself to work hard
because its already connected depending on
what ever he does because I am connected
I will be moving automatically, this has to be learnt first
and then technical things comes second, but many players
they do not understand about this connection
they just train their bone, their muscle and they compalin
why I am not become a winner?
of course there is no engine
how can you drive a car?