All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat)

Uploaded by DiceProductions on 11.07.2012

You must be hungry. Do you want some food?
Wow. You're nice.
Oh not again.
You're going to catch those mice aren't you? Yes you are.
Eurghh. Mice. I hate mice!
Wha-wha-what was that?!
Where is it!?
I hate mice.
He's... he's just like me.
No! What are you doing?! Other way!
Other way! What is wrong with you, you stupid cat!
No! Don't let that horrible thing in here!
Oh, you silly pussy.
Don't worry. You'll get that naughty mouse.
Come here. Oh, yes. Yes. You, you're beautiful, aren't you?
Yes you are. Yes you are.
- What's the matter? - Oh, shut up.
She... saw me!
She actually saw me!
Ooh, I think I'm in love.
Hmm? A bit formal.
Ooh! Ah! Eh! Woah!
See you later. Bye bye.
Fine! You had your chance!
Urgh, I'm a mess now.
Right. Now where's the-
Ah! Mouse!
My shoe!
Erm. Excuse me, I, erm, erm...
Erm, Hello. I'm Yorkie. Yorkie Pilgrim. Er...
You, you probably don't know me, but I, um...
I was admiring you from afar and, um...
Hehehe, well, actually It's a funny story you see, I was just-
W-wha-?!... Who? Erm
You're... small.
Oh. Yes. Sorry. Erm.
I- I thought you'd gone to be with...
Erm... No.
Don't worry. I'm going now.
It's not, I mean, I was just- I didn't-
I'll let myself out.
I was just. Er. I didn't-
I like your jumper.
Don't, um, don't go. Uh...
What?! No. No.
Get out of my house!
No! No! Don't do that!
Come on!
She's with me!
You saved me!
Oh, yeah. Saved you, Yes.
Ooh. You're all sticky.
We need to hide.
Well... it's bigger.
Um... OK
How do we get in?
I've got my ways.