Team America: World Police (5/10) Movie CLIP - The Love Scene (2004) HD

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It's too soon to be having feelings for you.
Maybe feelings are feelings because we can't control them.
But I have to control them,
Because I can't go through losing somebody again.
It's too painful.
So-- so, what? You're just gonna shut down?
I really like you.
There's no chance we can ever be together?
Only if you could promise me you'll never die.
You know I can't promise that.
If you did that,
I would make love to you right now.
( romantic theme swells )
I promise. I will never die.
I need this, I need love I need you ♪
I don't need one heartbeat I need two ♪
There's an emptiness I need to fill ♪
And only one emptiness will do ♪
Only a woman can brighten up my day ♪
Only a woman ♪
Can touch me the right way, yeah ♪
Only a woman is allowed to touch me there ♪
All I ask is that you're a woman ♪
Lisa, you're the most amazing person I've ever met.
It's only been a short time,
But I think that I'm completely in love--
Let's not talk.
I can't help it.
This just feels so right,
And I don't want anything to mess it up.
There's not a thing in the world that can mess this up.