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Waste Management is a fortune 200 company,
we are very successful financially, we have 22 million customers,
we have 20,000 trucks, we have 1200 different locations.
It’s a company that has it roots in the waste removal,
garbage and landfill side of the business.
And really you could better describe it as a company that
focuses on environmental performance or material management.
I love working for Waste Management this will be my retirement company,
I won’t go anywhere else.
Right now is a great time to be a part of Waste Management
because we’re growing and to be involved with that growth is a great opportunity.
Waste Management is the kind of job where pretty much
you have to go hard or you go home.
Me, I enjoy getting out and I enjoy sweating.
This is such an exciting time because people across
the entire organization are really engaged in helping us to move forward and to transform.
Our first strategy is to get to know our customers better and
to service them better than anyone else in the industry.
Our second strategy is; how do we extract more material from the waste stream?
Our third strategy is around innovation and optimization.
This is a company where people believe that technology
will play a key role in the transformation of the organization.
It’s at their fingertips all the time.
We build a lot of tools to help our sales rep’s communicate solutions to customers.
We are responsible for supporting the sales field.
We’re responsible for salesforce.com.
It’s a customer management platform designed to have one centralized place of data.
I think it set’s you apart from just being that person
who is just trying to call and sell you something
when you actually care about your customers.
This one is done.
I have an onboard computer, I use it every day.
It has my route laid out right there in front of me.
It has the customers’ name,
I put in that they have their trash out or they don’t have their trash out.
And it really helps out a lot it does.
I’ve never worked for a company who cares that much
about the environment and they really think green!
And they’re trying to preserve our environment,
you know, for the generations to come.
I think it’s a great mission statement to have,
I think it speaks volumes about the folks that we have within this company.
Our goal is to divert as little as we possibly can to our landfills and
that’s something that many of our candidates find appealing.
I can’t think of a company that would be as
exciting or as much fun as Waste Management.
There is a true sense of fulfillment, people need us!
They see me and they’re like wow you drive that thing, and I’m like yeah I drive it.
It’s gratifying.
I go home every night, I know I’ve done something.
I know I’ve been out there working.
I’m actually out there physically giving it 100%.
Waste Management hires people with very diverse backgrounds
to ultimately improve our staff and the innovation that comes out of what we do.
There’s a lot of room for growth here.
You can go as far as you want to go with this company.
I think they’re the best team, the best company in the industry
and I’m proud to be a part of that.
Proud to be an American, proud to be alive,
proud to be working for Waste Management!