The Pfizer Global Security Team

Uploaded by VIAGRA on 22.08.2011

A lot of the people that work for Pfizer, they’re driven to catch criminals and we
do that every day.
I work with very talented investigators, and the bottom line is we’re trying to keep
people safe.
Pfizer Global Security is a conglomeration of former law enforcement officers from different
walks of life.
I was with the FBI before I joined Pfizer.
I worked in the FBI laboratory where I did forensic testing.
The majority of my background was US customs.
I spent the first 30 or so years of my career as an assistant district attorney.
Pfizer was one of the first companies to then decide this is something that we can’t rely
upon local law enforcement to do, we need to jump into this game and help tackle it.
We’ve got the expertise from the medical side, from the distribution side. We can add
to this thing.
It takes a lot of patience to build these cases and identify people who don’t want
to be identified.
I tried to dismantle these organizations, tried to figure out how they’re made, you
know how the products are moving, who’s involved, and try to figure out who these
people are.
My job is to make sure that law enforcement is aware of counterfeiters, where they are,
who they are.
The crime is the same. I mean much as I saw when I was with customs. The smuggling organizations
- you know, where they were getting their stuff from, how they were getting it in, what
they were trying to hide, how they were moving the money, those are all the same with counterfeit
medicines, as they would be with cocaine, as they would be with illegal arms.
They’re the same bad guys, the same guys I caught in the FBI are the same guys doing
counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
This job is as close to my old job as you can get without having a badge and a gun.
We have to train, we have to educate, we have to raise awareness. We take every opportunity
that we can get to sort of get out in front of an audience, whether it’s an audience
of doctors, of patients, of hospitals, and raise awareness because at the end of the
day it’s the health and safety of the patient that matters most.
There are a number of websites that offer legitimate medications and consumers can find
those sites very easily. You can go to our website at and search
a list of legitimate pharmacies online and you’ll have all the information about that
pharmacy that you need., where it’s licensed, where it’s located, who the pharmacist is
, what products they dispense and other information that you would normally want and access as
if you were using a brick and mortar pharmacy.