Mandolin Lessons - #4: 4 strings exercise

Uploaded by bandolinsmadeira on 27.05.2010

Hello everyone. We're here again for another lesson.
Today I brought a mandola (octave), so that you can see that these concepts we've talked about..
you can try them in any instrument, regardless of being a mandolin, a mandocello or a mandola.
You can try it in any instrument of this family and I think that it is an interesting way...
of exploring these instruments in terms of tone and other aspects.
These concepts we've been talking about also help exploring these instruments in a way...
How can I say?... I wouldn't like to tell you that you must do this or that, because it's not like that.
But together we can explore these concepts and develop our way of playing... something a bit subjective...
and also our technique.
Continuing the previous lesson, where we talked about triplets and the direction of the movement of the hand
thinking about the string we're going to.
Today I prepared a small exercise that involves all strings. That I think is very interesting.
And I brought the mandola because I like how it sounds with these exercises and I would like to share that with you.
In the previous lesson we talked about the direction of the movement of pick towards the next string...
and we had triplets...
I demonstrated with a triplet but you can use it with anything
and with today's exercise you'll see how it becomes comfortable to play like this.
We'll start with the G string... and for now we won't use the left hand... only with open strings.
Starting from the G string... towards D. G and D down strokes. Up stroke in A.
Down stroke in D. Up stroke in E. Up stroke in A.
And we start again with a down stroke in G. I'll show you again.
Down, down, up, down, up, up. And start again.
Right? One more time.
So, we'll do just a couple of positions for you to try this technique and see if you're comfortable with it.
We have six notes per beat... we start in G minor and end in D minor. Just a small cadenza, with a couple of positions.
It's just this... again.
One last thing I need to tell you is that, as I'm using the mandola, that has a different scale length than the mandolin
I'm using positions a bit different... a different fingering. I could do this in the mandolin...
but it's more comfortable this way...
You can use this exercise to practice. But I'll show you could do with this technique using the same cadenza.
And you can also add variations to the right hand.
Try it!