The Big Bang Theory Season 4: Live Show Taping [HD] [CC]

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SCLAFANI: Right now, we are at the Warner Bros. lot...
...getting the audience coordinated for The Big Bang Theory.
WOMAN: BBT. Whoo! MAN: Big Bang T.
Die-hard fans.
Name's Michael. Page for Audiences Unlimited.
I audience-coordinate and make sure that everybody gets in their right place.
Basically, everyone lines up. I line them up in different lines.
We have a few different guest lists that they can be on.
General admission, they just get their tickets off of the Internet.
They range in the hundreds of people that show up.
Other people just kind of line up and wait and hope for the best.
And that's what you see behind me. They're hoping that they'll get in.
Got our tickets a month and a half ago and we're excited.
We've been counting down the days.
We've been wanting see this and trying just about every day to get tickets to it.
We had an opportunity to be in the California area.
We saw you doing a taping today, I thought we'd be fools to miss it.
I started coming here the end of season three.
I came to the rest of those...
...and I've been coming all of this season.
First time this side, second time that side.
Mark Sweet, and it's referred to as the warm-up on the show.
My job is to keep the audience informed and entertained...
...throughout the evening.
I've worked on 4,000 episodes of television shows...
...and on this particular show...
...from the pilot, from moment one... was, honestly, it was magical. - Ow!
SCLAFANI: People dress up all the time.
One of the biggest dress-up shows is The Big Bang Theory.
People come in with their comic book gear, their sci-fi stuff. And they go all out.
- Katie, what are you wearing? - Buzzinga, Sheldon.
ROBERTO: Rock, Paper, Scissors-- BRACKER: Lizard, Spock.
And the friendship algorithm. This is how you make a friend.
I think, to me, it's about understanding what geek is about, you know...
...and what nerds were thought of in the past.
But now, you know, they're hip.
- Todd's a physicist. MAN: Really?
Yeah. So is my dad, so the show hits pretty close to home.
Favorite part about Big Bang Theory... the fact that everyone's weird, like we are.
I think that's why we relate so much.
Today, we have a little bit over 200 people getting ready to see the show.
Come on, guys. Go ahead.
So many people show up from all over the world...
...and everybody just is dying to get in. They would sell their left arm to get in.
And we can only let a few of them in, so that's kind of the hard part of this job.
- Okay, there you go, guys. Hang tight. - Thanks.
JOEY: It's a really unique experience.
There's nothing like watching a sitcom taped live and being in the audience.
It makes you feel like you're a part of the show.
In some way, part of the history.
SWEET: It's just fun to be a small part of something much bigger.
I wanna see, like, how they do it.
How's it like filmed and stuff. How's it like acting and stuff. I think it's cool.
AMANDA: I wanna see the set.
Yeah, what goes on behind the scenes, I think, will be really cool.
It's fun to see how the process is. I'm into the entertainment industry.
- I wanna work in it someday. ERICA: Definitely expecting a laugh.
I've been to Comic-Con, and they're hilarious in person... I know that anything they do, like, any improv, is gonna be hilarious.
We're coming to have a good time. Anything will be fun for us.
- Yes. - And to see Jim Parsons.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're excited to be here tonight.
Round of applause.
There they are now. It's Koothrappali. Say hi to Kunal Nayyar.
It's Wolowitz, huge hand for Simon Helberg.
And the lovely Penny. The beautiful Kaley Cuoco.
As Leonard, gigantic hand for the incredible Johnny Galecki.
And as Sheldon, you know him, you love him, Mr. Jim Parsons.
Your mission is simple tonight. All you need to do is to sit back, relax.
Please do not identify your laughs.
We're here last week, there was a guy in the back row...
...he goes, "Ha, ha. Bernie Schwartz, Cleveland."
Please don't do that.
By being here tonight, each and every one of you...
...are officially part of television history.
Always right here, center stage.
Fixed set, Leonard and Sheldon's apartment.
Penny's apartment's right over here.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jim Parsons has taken the stage.
And there's Mr. Johnny Galecki, ladies and gentlemen.
I think we're about set to go.
Priya and Leonard invited Howard and Bernadette to dinner.
Amy wants Bernadette to act as a spy on Penny's behalf.
MAN 1: Roll cameras, please. - Come in marker.
MAN 2: And action!
LEONARD: Okay, see you later. - Good news.
I finally have a handle on my idea for three-person chess.
That is good news. Bye.
It also allows for my new chess pieces: the serpent...
...and the old woman.
Now I have to ask. What do they do?
When the serpent slithers to an opposing player's piece...
...that piece is considered poisoned and will die after two more moves.
- All right. - Unless it gets to the old woman in time... which case, she sucks out the poison...
...turning her into the grand empress.
- Elegant. - That's because it's simple.
MAN 1: And cut.
Sometimes they'll do a scene more than once.
Typically, they'll do it twice to ensure they have a little backup for each scene... case something were to go wrong...
...or there was a hair in the lens or something was wrong technically.
And sometimes the scene will be filmed more than twice, even three or four times.
They'll come back and do what's called a "pick-up"...
...pick up a small piece of the scene.
- Two, take two. WOMAN: Can't escape.
SWEET: So for the audience, even though they're watching a 30-minute show...
...sometimes an evening can run anywhere from three hours... up to five and a half hours.
So we wanna make sure everyone's engaged...
...and kept up to speed and keep them laughing.
It was so much fun even to watch them re-tape a whole scene...
...because it was gonna be different.
ERIC: I really enjoy how they do a couple of takes...
...and then change part of the wording or whatever...
...and make it funnier than before.
Get the punch line or go a whole different direction.
I thought that was neat to be able to see how they fix things.
Is it gonna be in 3D?
What? I don't know. It doesn't matter.
I'm gonna say 3D. That'll really get her goat.
I'm gonna say 3D. That'll get that little puta's goat.
I'm gonna say 3D. Let her know the studio has faith in it.
When we watch it, we're not necessarily gonna know...
...what's gonna happen.
MAN 1: Cut. MAN 2: Cut.
SWEET: The line keeps getting funnier and funnier and funnier. Mayim Bialik.
I think we're moving on.
How about a nice big hand for moving on, everybody?
- What is your name? - Emilie.
- Welcome. And where are you from? - France.
I was in the middle of everything. Front row, center.
I saw everything. It was really awesome. Ha, ha! I could not expect more.
MAN 1: Here we go. And action.
- You okay? - Yeah, yeah.
I'm just breaking in some new shoes. Did you know women wear high heels... make the buttocks and breasts more prominent?
4%adnTreaHythoughtaboutH - Look.
Have a good night. Try not to ogle my caboose as I walk away.
I can feel you ogling.
MAN 1: And cut. MAN 2: Cut it.
PAULA: I love in-between scenes, seeing them interact with each other...
...with the rest of the crew. It seems like a family.
Who else out there is willing to come up here and then--?
Have your hand up? Come on, I saw this.
The emcee was keeping us entertained in-between the takes and that's so cool.
- What is your name? - Reece.
- Reece, where you from? - Canada.
- Eh. Eh. - Eh.
- What do you do in Canada? - Student.
What do you study in school?
Igloo architecture.
SWEET: You are in college...
-...studying igloo architecture? - Yes.
I want you to face that way. I want you to face this camera right here...
...and explain how an igloo is made.
Well, I don't know. I haven't finished the course yet.
- Who are you people? - Canadian.
SWEET: They're gonna do this once again. Koothrappali's apartment.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's see what happens next.
Excuse me. I'm gonna go wander the streets alone.
Invisible, unwanted and unloved. A pathetic shadow in a city with no heart.
I forgot my Windbreaker. It's chilly.
MAN 1: And that's a cut. MAN 2: Cut it, please.
SWEET: Ladies and gentlemen, I do want you to give a tremendous applause... our director. Do we have Mr. Mark?
No? Mr. Mark Cendrowski!
- What is your name? - Kristy.
Hello, Kristy.
- Adria. - And Adria.
Look right this way.
They're gonna sing one of the favorite songs around here.
Ready? Go.
[SINGING] Soft kitty, warm kitty Little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty Purr, purr, purr
- Do you believe in the show? - Absolutely.
- Can I get an "I believe"? -lbefieve.
- With feeling. - With feeling.
Have a seat, sir.
SWEET: People so identify with this show...
...I just tell them I know the show means a lot to you.
You can really identify with the show.
Tell me what the show means to you.
There's half a dozen or a dozen people that volunteer and just come up.
They know it. They love it. And they feel it.
It actually makes all things math and science kind of cool in a nerdy way.
It's a celebration of all nerd...
...and technology and mathematics and that's just--
That's a jubilation, you know? Incredible.
I love the show because they're my people.
- Are you a rocket scientist? - Yes.
- Wow, where do you work? - I work in Boulder, Colorado.
And what do you do specifically?
I build spaceships.
SWEET: Come on, folks.
And there's one more reason as well. I'm madly in love with Sheldon Cooper.
All right.
I didn't expect that it would be shot chronologically.
You would think that they would just do all in one area...
...and then do in the other, and they didn't.
- What? - I like cows.
- That's not the point. - It was its own point. Go on.
It was nice that everything was in order.
SWEET: We're at the coffee shop.
Raj couldn't decide whether he should take... experimental drug to treat his social anxiety disorder.
The action you're gonna witness here on the monitors.
WOMAN: What are you doing? - Oh, just getting comfortable.
TIA: That was quite shocking when he took off his clothes.
But they did that behind the curtain.
I still tried to sneak a peek, but, you know...
I'll bet you're an actress.
If not, you should be. You have a very expressive face.
Raj dropping trou, that was a big surprise, for sure.
Yeah, I didn't expect that at all.
RAJ: Wait, where are you going? We were doing so well.
She never even got to see my penis.
We don't know if he actually got fully naked...
...but it looked like it from the angle that we saw.
MAN 1: Cut. Cut it, please.
Once again, ladies and gentlemen, here we go.
And then after this is perfect, it will be time for our curtain call.
Checkmate on Sheldon.
I knew I should've given my pope the jetpack.
Hey, I've got winners.
You made this a great one. We're grateful to you. We're ready to go.
And right now, we start with our guest cast.
As Elsie, here is Whitney Avalon. Great big round of applause.
I thought it was awesome. It was great to see all the actors...
...and see how well-prepared they are.
And kind of see the process...
...that goes behind each episode that we get to see.
SWEET: Angela. Say hi to Tiffany Dupont.
As Priya, Aarti Mann.
It moves so fast. I mean, to do a half-hour show in the amount of time--
You know, I've been at other ones where it took a lot longer, I think.
- So they're really well-prepared. Prepared. - Organized. Very organized. Yeah.
SWEET: Amy. There's Mayim Bialik.
I was surprised how few mistakes the actors and actresses actually made.
Bernadette. Here's Melissa Rauch.
This was one thing I wanted to do if I ever come to L.A.
This and going to a Laker game, so it's awesome.
Regular cast. Koothrappali, Kunal Nayyar.
Wolowitz. Say hi to Simon Helberg.
This is our first time, to any show, seeing any show live studio and it was great.
As Penny, Ms. Kaley Cuoco.
In the role of Leonard, the incredible Johnny Galecki.
And as Sheldon, the magnificent Jim Parsons.
Come on.
On behalf of Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady.
We love you. Thank you for being here.
Lots of great laughs. I mean, my face hurts from laughing so hard.
Thanks, everybody.
And you keep watching The Big Bang Theory.
We love you. Good night.