Crafts How to: Make a Bow (step by step 1 video)

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hello and welcome back to GoodKnitKisses I'm your host Kristen
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thank you for joining us today and we're doing something little different
I'm talking to you about how to make a bow. We're gonna hand tie a bow; you don't need a bow- maker you
are the bow maker. So in traditional GoodKnitKisses style I'm going to give you not
only instructions on how to make one of these but also some tips along the way
what you'll need today is some ribbon
and today we're going to work with wire ribbon and i think it's a great one
especially you know if you're new to this it's very forgiving
You are going to need some scissors and a pipe cleaner or some sort of floral wire
and also wanted to show you why you want
this ribbon and this one here does not have any wire on its great looks
but say you're going to travel or you are gonna pack this away for christmas or
some other holiday
and want to get back out again
your things they flatten over time you're bows, if you want to re-use them
and the wire ribbon will just fluff right back at by just taking this bow that was
smashed and i just
fluffed it back up. And see how you can kind of take your fingers and fluff it out. And we're gonna do something
sort of
like that today and I'm gonna show you how to make the bow it's going to come out
stacked like this and then we're going to fan it out
we're going to take our ribbon and this one was just
a hundred feet on it. Two-and-a-half inch wide and I like to buy a big amount
a hundred feet is about thirty three yards or so
and pull this out
and I have a pipe cleaner handy
but I've taken one and just cut in half and I'm using a contrasting
color just so you can see it on the tutorial but
for this bow normally I would get a gold as well instead of a silver
and you can also use a solid pipe cleaner
if you're going to try these two packages and you could match the pipe
cleaner to the color package if you want to mask it that way if you can't have
one that matches
your ribon
so we're going to take our ribbon and this one it doesn't have a good or
bad side on it but if we
had a ribbon with a pattern
we want to keep the pattern on the outside or on top or so we can see it
so i'm going to take my ribbon
and i'm going to roll it to where the pretty part is on the
and i'm making a little area here. I'm gonna hold it with my left hand, now I'm right
handed and I'm going to shape it
with my right hand so
I'm holding it with my left; if you're left-handed then just hold it over here and shape it
if it works better for you the other way
do whatever feels good.
so I'm just going to scrunch it up
and hold it here
I've got two fingers
holding it this way
we're going to LOOP this out
and come back
and PINCH and HOLD
take it
and then TWIST it
and HOLD the twisted part
now when I pull this loop out what i want to do is kinda match this loop here
so it's gonna happen is this
loop in the middle beginning your center
these are gonna be the first two loops said i want to look at him and see if they're
kind of the same length, if not I'm going to pull one out to make it long enough to
once we have the first starting loops
and we're going to make
a twist here and we're gonna come back to this side and we are going to just keep stacking
it, is so pull this one out
and you could put your ribbon in a bowl off to the side somewhere
and you can match these first two on this side of the same length
move over again
match these loops
twist; pull the ribbon back again
make it a little bit longer this time
go to the other side in trying to match it again so pull out
a little longer
and here's another time where you can grab this with one finger and grab the
other one of the other finger
pull it up
and try and match to see if I've got the same length and see I have them a little longer
than the first couple
and we stop here
now I'm gonna make this what i call a three loop bow where it has three loops on one
side of the
and three loops on the other side but
a lot of times i like to make a five loop where I'm at two shorter here and then
three stacked on the back in three stacked on the back so we have five
loops here
and 5 loops here but I do want to do is just
pop it over here
and pop it over here and that's how my bow's gonna look
before we finish it though I wanna show you how to make a tail
pull this ever
and the last of our ribbon
gets some extra length
so we've got a nice extra bog loop
and we're gonna
clamp down with our finger
and i'm gonna take my scissors and cut this
extra slack of the ribbon
and their it goes & we don't need that ribbon anymore
take your pipe cleaner
stick it through the middle section
this middle loop just find it again
lay it down to where
you caught all of it; this extra beginning part that started your loop make sure
that it's on top of there
and now we're just going to wrap it around
and take it and twisted tight
like you are sealing up a bag of bread or something
twist it real tight
and i just pull this together and I can use that to tape it down to a
and so now
I'm gonna pull this
bottom loop out
I'm gonna flatten on this end and now I'm gonna make a cut and I can come in to separate
and I can also cut it at an angle to have two pointed
ribbons or I can take it and it's already folded
I'm going to fold half again
and then and then go from the endhere and cut
inwardsand upwards towards the bow
on the fold side
so these are my outside areas where my wires are and this is the inside crease and I cut that
and look at that.
And we have some nice tails.
now we come back here
and I've got my tails on here
I've got my middle
So I'm gonna leave that where it is and I'm going to take these two side loops and
holding tight here a minute yanking it hard and kind of pull and move it down
and pull it down here
so I have two
sticking out and one in the middle; do the same thing over here put this in the
same way
pull one down
pull one up
and now I have this terrific
three loop bow; three lopps on each side so leaves 6 total
I have two little tails that I can kinda manipulate and move around

small waste piece here
and got this wonderful pretty bow that I can tie on a package
I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial thank you so much for joining me again
and This is Kristen with GoodKnitKisses
Happy Crafting!