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Jane Eyre, Random House, 1943.
It's a beautiful edition, known for the cover illustration.
But there's a really nice dedication inside, with a quote from the book.
"To my darling daughter, April. 'The human heart has hidden treasures
- "'In secret kept, in silence sealed..."' - "'In silence sealed
"'The thoughts, the hopes the dreams, the pleasures
"'Whose charms were broken if revealed'
"From your loving father."
- Hi, Olivia. - Hi, Will.
- How you been? - Good.
I haven't heard any of your long sorry messages in a while.
Those were delightful, weren't they? Sorry about that.
- April here? - No, she's at school.
- School? - Yeah.
- She started grad school at NYU. - Great. Wow.
- If you want to wait, she'll be home soon. - I'd love to.
Make yourself comfortable. I have to finish this application I'm writing.
- Good luck. - Thanks.
How you doing?
Will Hayes.
I'm just waiting for April.
Are you the same Kevin that she mentioned a while back?
I hope so. Unless she's collecting Kevins.
Kevin, phone!
Anyway, I'm pretty sure I am the only Kevin who's actually living with her.