Origami Bottle - remake (Jo Nakashima)

Uploaded by jonakashima on 30.10.2012

Fold in half and make a pinch mark
Fold the bottom to the center and make another pinch mark
Fold and unfold the bottom edge to the pinch mark you just made
Fold and unfold the top edge to the same pinch mark
Turn over
Fold and unfold the top edge to the first pinch mark
Fold and unfold dividing the bottom segment in half
Divide it into 4ths
Divide it into 8ths
Make a pinch mark
Mountain-fold from the pinch mark to the horizontal crease
Repeat the same pattern on the other segments
Valley-fold along the existing vertical line
The new mountain-fold will touch the end of the previous one
Turn over
Divide the top segments in half
Divide each part in half
Keep dividing until you get 32 parts
Turn over
Leave two segments on the right and make a pleat
Between the horizontal lines, valley-fold along the diagonal of the rectangle
Leave two segments and repeat
Valley-fold the top edge
Collapse the bottom using the existing creases
Two segments will overlap
Bottom will be concave, not flat
Tuck it
Bottle finished!