Step Up Revolution - Official Dance Tutorial & Choreography by Travis Wall - Kathryn McCormick

Uploaded by DanceOn on 26.07.2012


KATHRYN MCCORMICK: So I'm about to show you one of the
solos that I actually do in the movie, but I'm gonna get
this girl to do it with me.
So I'm teaching her, so here we go.
So you're going to start out with your left hand, grabbing
at ding, ding.

Do your hip out to the left, then sit down as
your arms go back.

You're going to flick your arms as you go to the ground.
Bring your right leg in, to the back.

Bring it in.
Roll on your back.
Arch up.
Scoot around.
Bring your right hand in and up.
Focus to the right.

ALLISON HOLKER: Well, Kathryn, thank you so much for teaching
that to me.
KATHRYN MCCORMICK: You're welcome.
That was choreographed by Travis Wall, and it's just a
little snippet of what you're going to see in Step Up 4 when
it comes out on July 27.