snorkeling with fan coral and fish by Cancun

Uploaded by JCVdude on 24.10.2010

I love snorkeling and the world under the sea is such an amazing place.
There's so many wonders to see.
We’re on our way to Contoy island which is off Cancun.
About an hour & forty five minutes by boat And we stopped at a reef.
The water along the reason it looks so fantastically blue even if you coming in on an airplane.
is because it is only about twenty feet deep.
And we're told by our guide that at one time, tens of thousands of years ago,
the whole area was area was connected and it was a big lagoon.
Now it's opened up, so I guess the seas have risen. Anyway,
We were snorkeling along and there is a very strong current.
But aside of the current, there wasn't that many things to see and the water wasn't crystal clear
This is something you can encounter, but again like I say,
It doesn't mean that they is nothing to see under the water.
In that fast current watching the
fan corals swaying back and forth under water
It's easy to forget that these are living creatures
They are not plants and it's absolutely just amazing to see.
And hiding among them you will see little fish.
You've got to be patient - you've got to take your time and just
smell the roses it so to speak
because the world is full of wonders but
once again, as I said we're on our way to Contoy Island
and what we found, is that when you got close to the island
at the pier that's right on the island - underneath the pier is where we saw the most fish
and they were large fish this time
There was a large grouper under there, the thing had to be probably thirty, forty pounds.
Humongous. But there was lots of other fish and then near the surface they had all these
little tiny silver fish.
And another amazing aspect of Contoy Island is
we're up at a little stand where we are having lunch
looking out at this fantastic to sea
It's so clear and blue, the sun is shining
unbelievable postcard perfect setting
and what do I see swimming along the shore
just a couple of feet out - a large stingray
And this strinray comes around here frequently to be fed by
the groups that are up on the island. They bring out pieces
of food for him, a little fish because that's what we had - It was a big fish bake.
The guide will bring fish out for him and hand feed it.
It was an amazing experience and Contoy Island by the way,
has a huge bird rookery
If you're into birds, you love to see all different kinds of birds
They have a mangrove section - there are snakes on the island
In the mangroves, there are still crocodiles.
It's an amazing place to go. I highly recommended it.
That's what a vacation should be about for you. Decide the things you want to do
And then just go and do it. Because YOLO - You Only Live Once. This is, - this is it.
So the more you can see . . .
I can't speak for anyone else
but for me it is so
enriching and to be
able to would share it with people all through YouTube
It's just amazing and I know the people are going to be watching and when you come to
Cancun, you going to realize that Cancun can be a party town for you
or you can out on excursion and see so many wonderful things and amazing things.
It's great for families so
come on
come on down, enjoy it. It's beautiful. thank you (End)