Getting Started with HTML | Treehouse Quick Tip

Uploaded by gotreehouse on 25.09.2012

Hi, I'm Nick. In this Treehouse Quick Tip
we're going to get started with HTML
or hypertext markup language, which is the basic language of websites
there might be several languages that you've heard of
like CSS, javascript, and more and those are part of making websites too.
However, the only language that is required
is HTML.
So when you're first learning, you'll want to focus your attention there.
Here we have any very basic looking HTML website. There hasn't been any sort of
fancy styling or images applied.
Let's see how this code looks...
We're going to switch over to a program called a "Text Editor"
and let's take a look at some of our HTML code.
HTML is called in markup language because it "marks up" our content.
In this example we had several tags that are describing to the browser
what's actually here.
We have headline elements
like this h1 here,
and this h2
Which are just like headlines in a newspaper.
there are paragraph elements represented by these

It's actually pretty simple.
If a block of text is a paragraph, then you should wrap it in a paragraph element
In addition, we have the overall structure of the document which is
represented by the
and tags
the is where all the visible parts of your document will go.
is where you can include things like the title of your website, or other files such
as javascript and CSS.
There are lots of other html elements
and these are just a few.
When you type in the address of your favorite website
there are three basic layers that get delivered to you: structural, presentational
and behavioral.
HTML forms the structure of a website, CSS is presentational, and javascript
is behavioral.
In other words, HTML is how you write your content,
CSS makes it look pretty visually,
and javascript makes it interactive.
While CSS and javascript aren't always necessary
you always need
if you'd like to see more advanced videos and tutorials like this one
Go to and start learning for free