Crafting update + new blueprints

Uploaded by burningfajitasalt on 14.05.2010

Transcript: need to combine three of the same item.
Yes, they need to be identical. 3 flareguns, 3 ambassadors, you get the idea.
Whoa whoa, hold the phone.
They've updated the crafting system, so what I said previously doesn't apply anymore.
I figured I'd tell you guys this so you wouldn't craft a class token by mistake.
Previously you needed 3 class items to make scrap metal, now they've lowered that to 2.
This means that, to make a token, you need 3 class items instead of the previous 4.
What this means for aspiring hatcrafters is that you now only need
54 weapons for a random hat, or 75 for a class-specific one.
They've also added a few new blueprints to make the new weapons.
To make the Crit-A-Cola, you need to combine a Kritzkrieg and a Bonk.
To make the Dalokohs Bar, you need to combine a Sandvich and a Bonk.
To make the Gunboats, you need to combine a Chargin' Targe and a Razorback.
To make the Homewrecker, you need to combine an Eyelander and an Equalizer.
To make the Pain Train, you need to combine a Sandman and a Scrap Metal.
So, if you guys want some of the new weapons but
are struggling to craft them, maybe this will help you out a bit.