How to Do an Ollie: Skateboarding Tricks : How to Add Style to Your Ollie

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

This is Kyle Hovercamp from Skatechurch in Portland, Oregon. On behalf of Expert Village,
this is the tutorial of how to learn how to ollie on your skateboard. In this clip, I'm
going to show you how to add style to your ollies. You can add style one way by tweaking
your ollie. That's instead of when you ollie, keep it level out. You ollie and then tweak
it down or out. The way that you do that is pull your back foot up when you ollie and
keep your front foot leveled. There is also shifties. There's 2 different ways you can
shifty; front side shifty and back side shifty. Backside shifty is a lot harder. What a shifty
is is instead of ollieing straight, you ollie and turn it and then turn it back and there's
2 different ways; front side and back side. The difference between front side and backside
shifties are the front side shifty you turn the front of your body facing forward. Back
side you turn your back.