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What's the ETA?
They're the best I could do so quickly.
Oh, there's no rush, I don't need them until tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Yeah.
Oh, um, it's this one.
Oh that's good. That's very good.
You look like shit. Thank you.
Why don't you go wash up?
Did you sleep?
Um, I will later.
Don't forget your meeting with the tax lawyers at 3:00. Those tax lawyers are parasites. Eat you up from the inside out.
How're your eyes? Fine, a little red.
Sorry about that. Ancient history.
You're a quick study. I try.
Something bothering you?
I'm really ok.
You don't have to tell me. But you can.
It's just that--
I think we should mount up.
This is so weird. If you didn't know any better, would you think that was pleasure or pain?
And breathe out.
Don't pose Carla, just let it happen.
What does that mean?
It means don't show me anything, show me nothing. And whatever's inside will come out.
You look beautiful.
Oh, that's good.
Oh yeah.
Now slowly turn back.
That's amazing.
That's great-- Gorgeous place. Yeah.
Well thank you again. You're welcome Can't wait to see them, hope they're amazing.
He's a handsome one.
Is he your boyfriend? Used to be.
Didn't end well? No.
Was he your first?
That one never ends well.
How did you meet?
Nowhere really.
Is everything personal off limits to you? In a hospital.
A mental institution.
Did he have a breakdown? Yes.
And you worked there? No. I was visiting.
Where did you get this?
A loaner. From?
Be careful.
He's a professional charmer. But he's as addictive as a drug.
I know lots of recovering Gery addicts.
We're just friends. Of course you are.
So, what did you think of the session today? It was good.
You didn't like it, did you? It was ok.
Why is it so hard to get an answer from you? You stand there, judging my work, and then avoid.
It's not my place to judge you. But you do!
I liked your suggestion about the angle. I'm glad.
And the silver reflector. I was just creating some options.
You know Jan, just because you're smart, and very, very talented, doesn't mean you'll make it.
And if you go behind my back, and you shoot people you've met through me, then you'll be out on your ass.
You know that?
I do.
Good. Prep the pictures, and send them out.
And um, check your text.
Not good, huh? �