Motörhead - We Are The Road Crew Part 2 (Sub)

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One advantage is that lan is on my side. lan is one of the best monitor mixers.
He's mixed the band for 25 years. Without him l'm nothing.
He helps me. He's my right hand man. lt's always a two man team.
lt's not an easy job, and very, very loud on stage
They're not the loudest band in the world, but they're very close!
With the volume on stage - the human ear just closes down.
So they want more. And more. And more. And more.
l need more toms!
l wouldn't say they were deaf but ...
Hence the saying; ''Everything louder than everything else''
You'll see that on a load of Motörhead t-shirts.
l coined that phrase in 1982.
We were in America and l made
a t-shirt that said ''What!'' And on the back:
''Motörhead - Everything louder than everything else!''
l never got any money for it ...
Sometimes l have to jump through fiery hoops to make things happen.
But if you've had a shit day and the band play a stormer ...
... and the crowd, and the band love it, it don't matter any more.
Cos that's what we're there for. For that hour-and-a-half that ...
... the band are on stage for.
l'm Hobbs. l've been the main mixer for a very long time. That's why l'm deaf!
Dave has mixed us, Dave Hobbs, we call him Hobbs.
But his name's Hillsdon. He's mixed us for 23 years now.
We still get reports from the audience it was a great sound.
Better than ever on this tour.
He used to be tour boss, and crew boss, and accountant!
lncredible, he used to do it all!
People used to say, well he's not doing that so good.
Then l'd tell them, it's because he's got 3 other jobs too.
Hobbsy's served his time. We give him a nervous breakdown.
l really like the band and l really like Lemmy.
An amazing guy!
That's why l've stayed with them for so long.
l don't listen to their records. But l love them live.
He's given his life to us really.
Once he was on tour with Black Sabbath in between our tours.
On the plane he was planning the Motörhead sound.
One of the Sabs said: ''Shouldn't you be working on our stuff?''
Hobbsy said, ''No mate, these are my boys!'' Black Sabbath just being a job.
They all gel together as a band. But they're 3 very different guys.
l remember the days when l was tour manager.
They all wanted to do something different at the same time.
But put them on stage together and they just gel!
Raw, nasty, but real.
lt's the real thing.
Just 3 guys on stage, playing as hard as they can, dude.
No tapes, no computers, just straight into the speakers.
Very low entertainment threshhold on this tour.
Very fast shoes. Actually you can go and grab a bite.
So Eddie (van Halen) might come on for ''Killed by Death''?
He might - so get an extra mike out, just in case.
We rehearse for 10 minutes, then we get on the bus.
Well we did some good work in London this time
Yeah, we did 2 or 3 days this time. - 3 days in London, that's plenty for us.
That's the first time in a long time we've done that.
The longest we've ever rehearsed since you've been in the band.
No, in the beginning we did some good rehearsals.
This side of Saratoga!
A long time ago in London, in Nomis, we were rehearsing fora tour.
Jimmy Page was there in the next room with the Firm.
We did 3 songs in a week.
Then we went to the pub.
We just choose songs that we like. We hope that the fans like..
them too, but in the end we play for us, y'know.
We're not really there ''for the kids''.
'Cos l still think like a kid. l think, if l like it, they'll like it.
We called each other before the tour
and said: ''Listen to a few of the albums, choose a few songs.''
l think we got 7 new ones in, compared to the old set list.
We changed a few round, too. - Yeah, we moved the whole thing.
lt actually took 10, or 1 4 shows 'til we actually had it down.
Quite a dramatic change for us.
lt's a bit of a puzzle for the fans - whoops, the wrong song!
We don't often change the set too much, so it was hard for us too.
We had to look at the set list the whole time.
lt takes some time before you get into it but now it feels good.
Behrendt, yeah, and Glen Hoddle, they couldn't believe it!
lt was the first time they'd seen the new set!
They couldn't believe it.
There's a couple of songs from ''Another Perfect Day'' that we hadn't
played since the album came out. lt was Robbo who played them then.
lt was good. Surprising, 'cos no-one bought the fucking album.
Time for a new song. - Ja, hier is another new song!
Such value for money! This one is also from ''lnferno''.
Produced by Cameron Webb! Who is amongst you somewhere
lf you see him, give him a kicking! This song 's called ''ln the name of Tragedy''
''Tragedy'' is definitely a new classic. - lt's pretty headbanging.
lt's great. From the first day we rehearsed it it felt right.
lt's one of those songs that can't go wrong really.
Except for the other night when l played it at 200mph! - You silly wanker!
That song was right from Day 1 . And it still feels right today.
At the end of the tour. And ''Killers'' l really enjoy!
lt sounds better and better. lt's melodic and still very hard.
And it's got a good melody, innit? - l admit, you're right about that one.
lt's a good mix, l'd say. There's a couple more we could do.
But we'll change them on another tour.
We can't do another 6 or 7 songs from the new album on this tour.
We did that with Brian. He wouldn't play any of the old songs.
Fucking guest star!
So we did all of ''Another Perfect Day'', nearly...
And it was a disaster - the kids hated it.
Like if l go and see Little Richard l want to hear ''Long Tall Sally''.
Or l'm going to be really pissed off. You have to play the old ones.
We still enjoy playing the classics.
We were lucky they were good songs.
We could have got stuck with a right fucking turkey.