Alejandro & Diego - 038 (English Subs)

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Wow, little brother, you're going to show off in Cervantes with all of this food.
Oh, and wait for them to taste the sauces I prepared.
Here you have the diuretic. Don't go overboard.
This Halloween party is going to be unforgettable.
Bro, I need something strong to drink. -I have green lava, do you...
And your boyfriend Cassius is not coming, because I seriously don't want problems with him right now.
He's not my boyfriend. We're still getting to know each other. And no, he's not coming. He's working.
Truth is, I over did it. I behaved really bad againts him and you, Sofi, seriously. But sometimes I become an idiot, and I go wrong.
Were' young, and we're supposed to be learning, right? Even though, at times you learn the hard way.
I really missed this. You know, talking with you. You're a very special girl Sofi. And don't worry, I don't want to play at anything.
Friends? -Friends.
But now that Elizabeth and Gonzalo are together, I've ended up alone, and...
Well, count on me. I believe I'm going to be a better influence than Gonzalito.
Nora is going to be fine. She just went to a party. Stop worryin, honey.
And if the police pulls them over because her friends are drunk and make a lot of noise.
And if immigration does a raid at that party?
Lupe, you have to promise me that if one day one of us gets deported,
The one that stays in this country, stays with Nora without going back to Mexico.
We can't leave her alone. -I wouldn't be able to live without my daughter.
But I would also not be able to live without you.
Honey, if they take me, I'll come back through a hole or however.
That trip is so dangerous. Till when are we going to keep on running, hiding as if we were wild animals.
And now even more with that law they're going to pass to verify the identities.
Hey, hey, hey. If things go crazy in this state, then we'll flee, honey. Well go to the Carolinas, to Los Angeles, wherever.
No one is going to separate us. Listen to me, no one!
Oh, I'm so hungry, I didn't even have a chance to have diner.
But leave that to Joaco, which by the way, started to work today in the acfertera. She's Ana.
JoaquĆ­n Rivera, at your service.
Oh, let me tell you that if you're as responsible as your sister, we're going to get along very well.
Do you think this is a light-sauce? -Leave that alone. Don't be a fat ass.
We'll eat in a moment princess. Come one, let's go dance instead. -Do I really look that fat?
Well burning some calories wouldn't hurt you.
Ana is finally here. I'm going to go say hi to her and then leave.
Diego, Diego! Diego, hide that bottle 'cause if someone sees you, you could get expelled.
Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm leaving to somewhere else instead. Very from the Anaconda.
After all, the only thing I care about this party was Nora. And you know what? She left.
If you want, come with me.
No, no, no...
Wait, they might see us together.
I mean, so they don't suspect that we have a bottle, you know?
Wait five minutes, then fallow me.
Alejandro looked handsome with his costume. -Nothing like Halloween for the shy to become outgoing.
Maybe he'll come with the news. -Who? Alejandro? Outgoing?
I'll only believe that if he tells us he's got someone. -Look! That's what I want to buy for the garden.
The offer is if you buy online.
What is he saying is the websites name? -www you-can-buy, you something.
Memorize it, memorize it. Hold on. Ugh, Alejandro is the one that always helps me with this device.
Let me. It's you, you...
And what is this?
I'm talking to all of those who think that dying is the only way out. Because you feel lonely, because you don't belong.
Today, I was about to take my life away.
Hey Joaco, your sauce is very bitter. I don't know how it's always so good, and todays is this nasty.
Bitter you say?
It's so strong!
Look, the second sip burns less. And the third one, you don't even feel it.
Come with me. You're too far away.
Hey, Diego, your dad is a very, very serious man.
He has me up to here...
With his, rules.
And if you didn't have to fallow his rules, at least for one day. Would you be different than who you are?
I don't know.
Why do you sometimes treat me nice? Like right now. And then when you're with your friends, it's if I... were invisible.
Is it for fear of what your friends and parents might say?
Or do you truly hate gays?
Come on, Nora is probably looking for me. -Hold, on. The drink is strong, right?
Lean on me.
Two people told me they were throwing up in the bathroom. Something didn't agree with them.
Really? It can't be the food. I ate and I'm healthy. -I haven't eaten anything.
Hey, has someone seen Diego? I've been looking for him everywhere, but no luck.
You know what? I'm leaving home, I'm fed up. -Maybe it was the fight you two had.
Maybe he left home without saying bye.
Joaco, I just threw up. -What!?
Yes. I think something is spoiled in the food because ever since I tasted your snacks I feel horrible.
Oh, c'mon, but I always prepare them the same.
Darn, Yes, I think I'm going to get fired. And I'll even end up in jail if someone dies.
Wait, hold on a second. Is this what you made?
Yeah, the sauce. -May I smell it?
Let's see.
Let's see.
Hold on a second, let's see.
Ugh! Joaco, this has cephaelis ipecuanha. -What?
Syrup of ipecac. It's a substance used to provoke vomit.
Ugh, Joaco, I can't believe it. I think you just intoxicated half the people here.
And in Ana's first meet. No, no, I don't know how you are going to do it. No one can save you from this one.
Sofi, I wanted to ask you if there was still an opportunity, obviously not right now, in the future of, you know...
I would like to ask you out to eat to a rest- Sofi, are you listening to me?
Yeah, well kind of. Oh my God, I'm going to die. Max, kiss, miss me and I'll-
I always dreamed that my first kiss was going to be like this.
Like today..
It was so nice.