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"How to get a guy to buy you a drink"
OK girls, this really is basic stuff. If you're old enough to be in a bar then a guy should have bought you a drink by now.
If he hasn't, then you really need to keep watching.
Sure, it's hardly a fine example of progressive feminism, but a Mojito's a Mojito, and they're pretty pricey these days.
"The Mark"
Think of the bar like the African plains, and think of yourself like a lioness.
The easiest kills are the sick and the old on the fringes of the herd.
So see if you can spot a middle-aged guy who looks like he's being 'a bit left out' by his clearly superior mates.
Perhaps he's their awkward boss, or a co-worker who got a sympathy invite.
Make eye contact, look away like you've been caught, and wait.
If he doesn't buy you a drink straight away, repeat.
Quick tip: Anyone with a wedding ring tan line is a dead cert.
"If he's taken it off, he'll get you sloshed". Just don't go home with him.
"The Hint"
Slide up to the bar next to any guy.
Chat loudly to you friend about how you've just broken up with your "A-hole boyfriend"
and you how you "really need to get pissed",
as soon as you know the guy is listening, which will be immediately, drop the line: "Problem is I loose all judgement when I'm drunk".
Watch them line up on the bar.
"The Rinse"
If you and your girls don't want to pay for a drink all night, then fake a hen do.
Guys are powerless to resist a girl who's got 'one last night of freedom'.
And as it's a fake hen do, you can all be that girl.
If for some reason you start to run dry, then stumble up to a bloke at the bar and say: "I've been dared to ask a hot guy to buy me a drink."
If he refuses, tell him: "my other dare was to take my top off, but I don't think I'm drunk enough yet'.
"The Big Spender"
Every once in a while your boat comes in.
And some total banker will waltz into the bar determined to flash some cash.
Now it stops being about how to get a drink and starts being about how to stop everyone else getting theirs first.
Tell the bouncer those supermodels in the corner were definitely up to something in the toilets;
tell the barman that girl threw up under her table;
tell the rich banker the blonde girl he's been talking to is "amazingly convincing as a woman, don't you think?"
"The Plain and Simple"
It is possible to over-think these things.
You could just wait till some drunk guy's got a big order of drinks ...then nick one.