UW-Stout's B.S. Degree in Marketing and Business Education

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>> Undergraduate applied social science majors at the University
of Wisconsin Stout learn the tools and perspectives
of anthropology, economics, geography, history,
political science, social work, and sociology
to understand culture, society, and human action.
Our students pursue careers that involve critical thinking,
oral and written communication, problem solving,
and social research and analysis.
These abilities are well suited
for a 21st century information-based economy
that demands a flexible and skilled workforce.
>> The reason why I think students like the major is
because people are interested in society, and what's exciting
about this major is that it gives you tools to try to figure
that out, right, make the complex world less complex.
Our majors will be very good by the end of their program
at statistics, but also qualitative skills,
and any number of jobs, these are very,
very valuable skills for.
But, you know, just in their own personal lives,
it's incredibly useful.
>> I wanted something a little bit more fulfilling,
but still challenging,
and applied social science really does that for me.
>> I started going to school just with --
well, I can go to school, get a four-year education,
and then this degree program came up, and I'm interested
in -- got me interested in graduate school.
So if I want to go into law, it has a good base for that.
If I want to go into journalism, a good base for that,
or if I want to go
into countless other graduate programs.
>> If you have flexible skills,
then it gives you a lot more freedom in your life.
>> One big difference is
that with an applied social science degree,
I'll have a lot more options.
>> I'm going to study abroad in South Africa next semester,
the first one from the school to do that for this degree,
so it's completely unique,
and pretty much everything you'll be doing
in this degree will be unique.
>> Here's the great thing about UW Stout.
It has students excited about taking what they learn
and applying it to the real world.
And I haven't seen this type of a culture
at other universities, not to this level.
>> I feel like I finally found something that fits me.
It's a good match.
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