Megáll az idő (1981) / Time Stands Still - (Eng sub)

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Mafilm Budapest Studió presents
Budapest, 5 November 1956
Dini! Didn't l tell you not to do that?
- l want to go down to father. - You'll be the death of me!
Do you want to ruin me? Your father's coming soon.
Shall l plead with you, Gábor?
Don't drive me mad! Do you want to be the death of me?
You could have more sense. Be quiet just this once
or we will all perish here. ls that what you want?
Thls lsn't the last farewell,
- walt a blt tlll the wlnd has dropped... - Thls lsn't the last farewell,
walt a blt tlll the wlnd has dropped...
Father, you aren't going away now, are you?
Come on!
What are you standing there like a stuffed dummy for?
- Get moving, damn it. - l'm not going.
You are going, get a move on.
What are you standing here for?
l'm not going anywhere.
The driver said he'd give us ten minutes.
You go if you want to.
What do you mean want to? l must!
Can't you understand that much?
They've probably picked up Bodor already.
They can come for me any moment, can't you understand?
l'm not...
lt's a Red Cross truck.
We'll be in Vienna in a matter of hours.
They can't say a word.
We'll be bandaged up as wounded.
ls there another man?
How can you think that?
- Well, what are you waiting for, then? Get going. - l want to stay here.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
What are you standing here for?
These kids can't stay here!
- l'll take Gábor with me. - No.
Oh, all right. l told you to stay here if you want to.
Stay here with your little favourite.
When you've come to your senses and bitterly regret it,
you can come after us to Vienna.
Whenever you want to.
You'll always be my wife.
l'll write.
TlME STANDS STlLL - Hungarian film
So we're going to live here.
Written by Géza Bereményi and Péter Gothár
Director of photography: Lajos Koltai
Directed by Péter Gothár
Tlme stands stlll,
5 November 1963
sllent stars are hanglng ln the sky...
One to the left, two to the right, left one, right, two...
Stand up straight, don't slouch.
Left one, right two.
Left one, right two...
Don't stare into space.
That's all, thank you.
To introduce yourselves, boys turn right.
Don't play now, Hedvig.
- Gyula Tosoki. - Dénes Köves.
Magda Szukics.
The Rosenbergs.
Left one, right two.
That's it. lt's not so tricky, is it?
May l?
Don't worry if your palms are sweaty, it can happen to anyone.
Left one, right two.
This girl here is doing very nicely.
That's right.
Hold the hand higher, on the shoulder blade.
That's it.
That's right. Yes.
...then Pierre went over to Ficere, took out a one Forint coin,
bent it in two with his two fingers and said:
Shall l break your spine?
Ficere looked at Pierre and said:
Come, come, dear boy.
- And Pierre... - Vilma, who is this Pierre?
You bloody fool. You made me jump.
Listen, Vilma.
Do you know a girl called Magda Szukics?
Are you crazy?
She rows for Dózsa, you idiot.
Does she?
Magda and Dini together! That's a laugh!
l know how to dance.
And l was Pierre's girlfriend for a month.
Why do you think l came to this dumb dancing school anyway?
Why did you?
Don't you know? Really?
Well, when you've found out, let me know, okay?
Are you pulling my leg or are you really like that?
Aren't you coming, Dini? lt's the foxtrot...
Get lost. Are you blind?
ls mother asleep?
She's on the dawn shift.
Stuff them! What on earth did they do with it?
With a knife.
Aimed at my liver.
l went round to a party at lrén's with Pierre.
- lrén stabbed you? - Course not.
Her dad...
He's not going to help me get into university either.
For all my trying to make it with lrén, and his being a partisan.
They don't even know where my liver is.
You go. l'm not at home.
l'm at the hospital or somewhere.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
l'm looking for Mrs. lstván Köves.
My mother is asleep.
Which one are you?
The little one?
Good evening,
l'm sorry. Who are you?
- Laci. - Laci?
László Bodor.
Come on in, then.
Well, l never!
Have something to eat.
Have you eaten yet? You'll have something later.
Come this way.
Have you had anything to eat, Gábor?
Why don't you two ever eat anything? Everything goes bad on me.
Nothing to drink?
When did you get out?
Two weeks ago.
Where are you now?
l'm tunneling the underground. ln the caisson,
where work's the hardest. They've shoved me...
...into the ground up to my waist.
What news of your husband?
He left this place seven years ago for America.
And since then nothing.
lt must have hurt him that you refused to go.
- Why wasn't he more persuasive? - Why do you lot need to be persuaded?
''You lot?''
lf you're trying to blame me for Médi leaving you, forget it.
- Don't you dare lump us together. - She was right, too.
She was young,
we didn't have children.
lt's just me she ruined.
Everyone's right.
ln this shit piled on shit.
- Have you got anywhere to live? - No. But neither has Médi.
While l was in prison, she was kicked out of the flat.
Some sort of big shot lives there now.
Well, he's right, too.
So are you, Éva.
Everyone's right.
l didn't say that.
l see you're doing all right.
- Do you need anything? - No. l've got it already.
- The main thing is we're alive. - And healthy.
Tell me something about yourself.
What was it like inside?
What was it like outside?
We're just about getting out of the mess Pista got me into.
l'm trying to fix up Gábor's university entrance.
Perhaps l can straighten out my life.
l do extra work.
We may pull through somehow.
l don't want the kids mixed up in our past.
- D'you want to swoon? - You bet.
Well, then take a look at these.
Do you see?
- What do you say? - Bloody hell!
Well? l found them in my father's drawer.
There are at least another five thousand there.
And films, too, which can be projected.
What do you think they are doing here?
l'm not sure, either.
Wait a minute.
That must be the blonde's hand.
Here's the bloke's leg.
Up there? His leg?
lt's twisted, see? Because of the black-haired girl.
But why is his leg so far up there?
Because he is so randy.
- Better than the Hungarian Youth Magazine, eh? - You bet.
- Take your pick. - l don't want any.
You're crazy. Just look. We can project this later at your place.
- Do you want to wank with these? - Who said so?
But we can look at them, can't we?
l'm not interested. Understand?
What shall we do with them, then?
- We ought to sell them. - Who to?
- To the fourth graders. - Doesn't your brother want them?
My brother does those positions so much that he's sick to death of them.
There's that Pierre in the fourth grade. You know, Pierre.
You know him, don't you?
- Only to say hello to. - Does he say hello back?
You'll see. How much shall we sell them for?
l guess the ones where there's just one girl should go for one Forint,
the group pictures and the pairs for two.
This for one Forint?
Look what that girl's doing with her hands!
lt's better than any group picture.
Doesn't matter. Don't let's quibble.
The whole thing's not worth it.
One Forint for solo, two for duos and pictures ensembles.
And the filmstrip?
What are you going here Köves? Vilma? Join in.
- Good day, sir. - Good morning, sir.
- Hello. l'm sorry to disturb your lesson. - Hello.
l've done too much desk work. l'd like to loosen up a bit.
- This is the class for the untalented boys. - Can l join in?
A bit of basketball with the lads. l used to play volleyball,
- but l can probably play this as well. - Vilmon, to the vests,
Köves to the non-vests. Would you like to join
- the vests? - Thank you.
- D'you hear? - The fourth graders.
- Pierre. - Hey, Pierre.
Pierre... Pierre...
You promised you'd come up.
Didn't l tell you never to come to the school?
- Kid! - D'you mean me, Pierre?
Bring it to me tomorrow morning, understand?
''Magda Szukics loves you. How about it? 378-802''
Everyone says that Magda Szukics is crazy about you.
Pierre, my boy, tomorrow we'll have a talk about hair.
Pierre. l waited for you the whole evening. You said...
You said you'd tell me what l ought to do.
l'm going to be a nervous wreck if you don't talk to me.
Pierre, can you spare a moment? l'd like to have a word.
What's up, kid? Are the bogs blocked?
There's a lot more of them. They're two Forints. Different variations.
Haven't you seen these before?
The second graders are flogging them to everyone.
- l've got more if you want. - Beat it, will you?
- Two Forints. - Get stuffed.
Give me the money or give them back!
Did you really go out with Magda Szukics?
Who's she?
Who d'you think you are?
You little...
- They're coming. - Watch out!
Class stand up!
Sit down.
Everyone should empty their pockets on their desks.
And your satchels, too. Nothing can remain in your desks.
Take care, we're going to check.
Even the handkerchiefs, sir?
Yes. Everything.
And l don't want to hear a word.
Mr. Szombati,
what's this boy's name?
Come on now.
lntroduce yourself to the vice headmaster.
That's Vilma.
- Péter Vilmon. - Péter Vilmon.
Could you give me the matches, too?
Keep it pressed down.
l didn't ask for a lesson, boy.
What a punchy little class!
What do you use this for, Kutas?
l live in a slum area. When l go home l always...
- All right. - No, no. lt's by no means all right.
Well, of course not. l didn't mean it as a praise.
Of course.
Whose coat is this?
And this? What are these pictures?
On holiday at the lake Balaton...
Whose coat is this?
And this coat?
Well, Mr. Szombati?
They're not here.
That's all, then. Good work.
Class stand up!
Fine little class you are.
- Stop! - Goodbye, sir.
- Cap on! - Goodbye, sir.
- Untidy lot! - Goodbye, sir. - Goodbye. Good day, sir.
- Greetings, sir. - Goodbye, sir.
While you were looking at these pictures, did it never occur to you
that your mother and father joined together
so that you should be born
and then they did the same thing as these people here?
And as you will do in order to have children?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Did you take these pictures with you to the lavatory?
lt never occurred to you, did it, that this is a sacred thing?
l may be the last person you meet who thinks like this,
so l would like to impress upon you:
sex is a sacred gift from God.
And there is no philosophy
and no political regime
which can deny it.
Otherwise there is no family,
no ethics.
You'll come to realize this later on.
So will they.
They can throw me out of the school.
Because they think nobody cares about me.
But when you stand sniggering on the street corners of the world
l'll be missed.
lf the girls don't want to become mothers, you'll see how it will be.
Then you can practise these positions all you want.
Then you'll realize what l stood for and what they are destroying now.
Not to worry. l'm leaving the school.
They asked me not to tell anyone that l'm going.
You'll get someone else.
With the new teacher you won't get away with it.
you can go.
And you can tell anyone what l said, son.
Listen, you, Magda is waiting.
Are you free now?
There's no one at home.
My family's gone away for two days.
Sorry, not now.
Another time.
But now's the time.
How long do you want to go on doing this for? Are you crazy?
Magda is frantic because of you.
l'm busy.
Szombati asked me to do something.
John F. Kennedy, the 5th presldent of the US of A has dled
- under traglc clrcumstances. - Good morning.
He was born on May 29, 1 9 1 7...
- Up you get. - ...ln Brooklyn, Massachusetts.
- He was lnaugurated on 20 January 1 96 1 ... - lt's morning.
...lnto hls offlce as presldent.
ln the summer of thls year he made a European tour
durlng whlch he met Prlme Mlnlster Krushchev ln Vlenna.
- The scene of hls death was Texas. - That means you, too, Gábor.
He arrlved there yesterday and was plannlng to flnlsh hls tour thls evenlng.
lt was ln Dallas, Texas, that the murderer's bullet hlt hlm.
Good morning!
Gábor, are you listening? Look who's here.
Mr. Bodor. Good morning, Mr. Bodor.
Your mother asked me to explain the situation.
She isn't in a state to.
Do you want to register this as your address?
We both thought it was a good idea.
lf you think so too...
lf you don't interfere in things...
He can interfere with what he likes for all l care.
But if you're made legal here, this flat'll soon become a nest of crime.
My father is a counter-revolutionary,
and l'm applying for university for the second time.
l haven't got in yet and l won't get in now, either.
And don't forget, it's not only mother who's taking you on, but me, too.
You obviously don't now
that l've recently been given a very respectable job.
l've become an important person in agriculture.
Oh yes? ln what capacity?
As a full time consultant.
l went to agricultural university
in the old days.
l've got my own innovations.
They need me.
That's just expertise. lt doesn't clear you politically in any way.
lt does, as a matter of fact.
This is the beginning of my purification process.
But when does it end? Because l'm taking the entrance exam now.
And you won't object to our smoking, will you, Laci?
Not me.
And from now on we can bring girls up here, can't we?
There's a bird who keeps phoning to say, ''How about it?''
Guzmics, tell me what lep is.
The lep, the lep is a teeny-weeny,
curly-whirly spiral seven times over.
A spiral, Guzmics?
- Well, not quite. - Guzmics, you...
Sit down.
l'm going to write a quotation on the board.
''We are humans, not beasts,
we have minds,
and as long as our hearts nourish desire,
we are not data for filing systems.''
Can anyone tell me who wrote this?
- Attila József. - Exactly.
And it's my motto. Please, don't laugh.
By now you have probably guessed that l'm your new teacher.
My name is Mrs. Endre Lovas, Lívia Kertész.
My nickname is Piggie. However, l don't like having that name
shouted after me down the corridor.
l weigh 58 kilos, married.
Any other information you would like?
Could you tell us
why the previous teacher was kicked out?
l didn't expect that question.
l didn't think l'd be in a class with such a good spirit.
l hope in future, too, we'll discuss things openly.
Well, you see, they want to make a model school of this one.
l don't know to what extent l'll fit in with their ideas,
but that's neither here nor there.
One thing is certain though: Mr. Szombati didn't fit in.
Was my explanation satisfactory?
Except that l don't quite understand.
Thls ls Free Europe...
Yes. l'll get him.
Phone for you.
How about it? l'm standing here at the ready.
You can come, you can come. But hurry.
Bye, you little wretch.
Get the hell out of here. She'll seize up completely if you meet.
Can you move?
Get lost, you idiots.
Well, then, cheers for the home team, big chief.
- What do you know about the woman? - Just some young bird, l guess.
Yes? Your brother costs a bit much. Your mother in church praying for him
to get into university, and us standing around here. Let's go.
- One more minute. - All right.
Look! ln a taxi and all.
Wait! Where are you going?
What do you want? To your place if you want to know.
What's it to do with you?
l'm going to your brother, not you.
Don't. Please don't, if possible.
- What are you so sad about? That's what you wanted, isn't it? - Not me!
- Piss off, will you? - l won't let you go up.
That's what you think!
Come on. Come on.
That should really be the last or we'll be late.
At least they couldn't make this blended stuff any worse.
What's up?
ls it a woman?
l'm not interested in women.
l'm not going to knuckle under to them.
l don't want to be a wreck.
Well said.
But then you know what you'll have to learn?
You'll have to be very careful.
You have to have your wits about you in this country.
Are you on good terms with any of your teachers?
D'you talk to any of them?
- There's one. - Does he ask questions?
Have you spoken about me
or your father?
Take care, Dini, don't let them take you in,
don't be big-mouthed, don't show off.
Am l not a bad enough example for you?
What did your brother say when l moved in with you?
That l'd bring trouble.
Can l say a single word against that?
Though l'm almost on the straight now.
And l'll tell you why it's only almost.
Though l'm good at the work they allow me to do now.
So why? Why? Are you listening?
Because once, just once, l had the guts to step out of line.
l did some shooting. l was a patriot.
They deal with people like that straight away.
They hunt them down.
And now any snivelling brat can accuse me of ruining his life.
That's what l want to protect you from, Dini.
Anyone who asks questions is pumping you. Because he's being pumped.
Study. Learn your school work, repeat it back to them.
That's your job.
Don't put your hand up, never speak unless it's necessary.
Not to mention women.
My boy!
- Dini Köves! - Good day, sir.
Hello, son.
- What news at school? - Nothing.
Do you know that l'm teaching in Eger? l enjoy it.
- Do you ever talk about me? - No.
- l beg your pardon? - No.
Have you been drinking?
And l'll have you know it's not a sacred thing.
Take someone else in.
What are you talking about, Köves?
That screwing isn't sacred.
Are you out of your mind, Köves?
What's the matter Köves?
l've had my eye on you for some time.
Oh, come now.
Please, don't bother about me. There's nothing the matter.
Why do you never put your hand up? Even when you know the answer?
You used to be so active. l'm watching you, Köves.
Haven't you got anything better to do?
All right, then. l'll put my hand up. There you are.
l'll put my hand up, okay?
- She's crazy. - l'll say.
Dear boys and girls, respected teaching staff.
lt's 19 years today that the Soviet army drove the last fas... fash...
fascist soldier out of our long-suffering country
and started the work of rebuilding.
But let me relate to you
that l was ln Csepel on that day 1 9 years ago.
l'll never forget the faces of the people
when the cheerlng news reached thelr ears.
After so much trouble, so much sufferlng,
they hardly dared belleve that we were llberated.
Then, not long after that, l saw those same workers
as they stood at the entrance of thelr bombed factory
and looked aghast at the destructlon.
But only for a moment.
Then, as one man, they knuckled down to lt,
runnlng about to see how they could repalr
and rebulld everythlng wlth thelr feverlsh work.
And they dld thls wlthout a word of command
wlth the falth and enthuslasm...
- Excuse me, slr. - ...whlch only those have...
l'm Péter Szalal from l V%a.
Could you posslbly start agaln because we can't hear a thlng
because lt's crackllng.
Mr. Vigassi couldn't understand the speech, either.
Could you please turn it up or something,
because we'd like to know what happened then.
- What's going on here, Szalai? - He came in...
Because we can't understand a word. Hello, hello.
Can you hear, C's? lt's Pierre. Long live the idiots.
Let there be nothing.
Be good. Blueberry Hill. Construction work.
Kiss. Down with babies. Long live girls.
Our long suffering land. With faith and enthusiasm.
Hurray for being alone.
Hungary 6, England 3.
You know you won't graduate from here, ''Pierre''?
This is more than a school affair.
You know what this is?
lt's your affair, eh, Rajnák?
State interest.
Aren't you afraid?
You'll never grab me.
What do you think l'm doing right now?
Who have l got here right now?
No one. He's not here, Rajnák.
Dear boys and glrls.
Respected teachlng staff.
lt's 1 9 years today slnce the Sovlet Army drove the last fasclst soldlers
out of our long-sufferlng country and started the work of rebulldlng.
- lt may sound lmmodest... - Köves?
Yes, sir.
What are you doing here?
Mrs. Lovas sent me out.
May l ask why she sent you out?
l was laughing.
At what?
Something occurred to me.
Come on, tell me. What occurred to you? l'd like to laugh, too.
Nothing, really.
All right, then. We'll ask your teacher.
ls it true you sent this boy out of class?
lt's not important.
How come?
lt's not important enough to involve you.
Allow me to decide that, all right?
Allow me to decide that, all right?
Class. Stand up!
Sit down.
l wouldn't like you to misunderstand the recent scene.
The vice-headmaster and l made a mistake.
We shouldn't have behaved as we did.
Are you listening?
We brushed because the spheres of authority are not clearly defined.
lt's my job to put this problem before the staff,
because it's only a question of organization.
So l would like to ask you to leave the affair with me,
and with it your interests.
No one should try to put two together unnecessarily.
That's my job. ls that clear?
Sit down.
Köves, come here!
Why were you sent out of class during the headmaster's speech?
- What should l tell him, teacher? - The truth.
- What should l tell him, teacher? - What happened.
The affair no longer belongs to our sphere of authority, Köves.
- l laughed. - What did you find so funny?
l'm not going to answer you anyway.
And me?
lt only concerns us.
He laughed because l said ''mole'' to him.
Yes, because Körmendi said ''prole''.
Which is Körmendi?
l said ''prole''
because Morvai said the workers wanted to lute.
What sort of workers?
The ones the headmaster was talking about on the radio.
You said that after the liberation you saw those workers...
Who went into the bombed factories and started rushing around
to rebuild them as soon as possible.
At which Morvai whispered to me that they must have been rushing
around for something to loot.
So you said ''prole'' at which he said ''mole'' and you laughed at that.
Do you know what it meant to live and work at that time?
Yes, l do, sir, but...
How should he know? From you?
What's your father's occupation?
He's at the post office.
A sort of...
Have you thought what your father would say to all this?
He calls himself a prole at home.
All right, that's fine. We'll ask him.
What about your father?
He's dead.
All three should get a written reprimand.
Who's our leader?
Who'll toss her up?
Who'll catch her?
No one.
Who's our leader?
- Who'll toss her up? - Everyone.
- Who'll catch her? - No one.
Where's little Köves?
Dini, Pierre wants you.
You were great, Pierre. Have you been expelled?
- Who? - Hello, Dini.
l didn't know you were Köves's little brother.
- Have you been expelled, Pierre? - Yes.
Tell you brother that Pierre wants him to look him up.
Who's our leader?
Who'll toss her up?
Who'll catch her?
No one.
What's the matter, Köves?
l've been watching you for a long time.
Don't bother about me. There's nothing the matter.
You're still not prepared to put your hand up.
- Leave me in peace, please. - ln a moment.
Just tell me why you want to shake me off.
- You want to know? - Yes.
Because l'm crazy about you.
Can l go?
What sort of arguing power are you talking about, you cow?
Stop that immediately, will you?
Why didn't you say what l said, that it would be good?
Don't you dictate to me.
- Bloody hell! l'm a fool to talk to you. - That's it.
Let's stop this whole madness!
- Keep quiet! The bell's ringing. - l'll answer it.
Let me go, you bloody fool!
Come back!
l'll lock you in!
l'll lock you in! l'm stronger than you anyway.
You won't keep me in here!
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- l'm Mrs. lstván Köves. - Mrs. Endre Lovas.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
l'm sorry but we can only talk in the kitchen.
- My husband doesn't feel well. - Come in here, madam.
- You go in there. Go in! - Hey, don't shove me.
Don't lock me in again. l won't do anything.
- l said go in there. - Don't lock the door on me, please.
Have you the nerve to lock it?
l don't want to disturb you for the world.
l can come another time. lt's just that...
Dr. Ludwig, my boss, encouraged me to come.
You told him l could come any time, didn't you?
That's why l took the liberty.
What's the matter with your poor husband?
Nothing in particular.
How is Feri? Feri Ludwig?
ls he world famous yet?
Not as much as he'd deserve to be.
You know, he's got all those enemies. But he spoke very kindly of you.
He raved about what a sensible woman you always were.
What sort of work do you do with him?
l carry out his experiments in the lnstitute.
l do the paperwork for Dr. Ludwig.
- Open up. - Why don't you let him out?
Should l go?
He'll stop soon.
- Please, open the door. - His nerves.
l was in that state once.
And if l'd been locked up, l would have felt dreadful.
Didn't Ludwig tell you what sort of a husband l've got?
l know he told you.
He knows
and he's not the sort of person not to say so.
And he's bound to have said that l'm a fool...
How can you say that?
l told you that he said you are very sensible.
You said that he said l was sensible.
And l know why he used the past tense.
lt doesn't matter. lt's past history, let's change the subject.
- You came about your son, didn't you? - Yes. Look.
l suppose my younger son is as much of a fool as those
who gave him the reprimand. lt matters damn all whether it was them
or my son who started it. Stand between them for me, too.
Now l know what's the matter with your husband.
Mine, the current one, is beginning to earn quite well, thank God.
You are more in need of this.
There's something you don't know.
My husband used to have such an important job that,
whatever his present state is, he gets such a huge allowance
that l'm quite ashamed of it.
All right, l was only trying. Does it matter?
- Lívla, let me out. - You...
l'm Éva.
- What does your son say about me at home? - Only the best things.
Why aren't you frank with me?
lf you weren't my son's teacher...
Listen, Lívia.
- Why do you expect... - Lívla, let me outl
You are where you are, in the movement or wherever you like.
l'm here where l am. l never bothered about you people.
Your husband was being shot at by my husbands in 1956.
Can't you see it's your son we are talking about?
Don't tell me that he was shooting, too.
Do you think that l don't know that you know...
...that l know? We know.
Why can't one give an honest opinion about a child?
Why can't one give an honest opinion about anything?
Why do you want to involve your son in our affairs
when at long last we can speak of them as they really are.
They are just as we are.
They are the same as we are.
They'll be the same as we are if you don't stop this evasive talk.
Let me outl
And if you want to know, your son is...
- l'll break everythlng. - ...already...
- ...a sly. - l'll klll myselfl
Now what's the matter?
l just wanted to get to know my son's teacher.
Hey, what's up there?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Don't come near, Rajnák!
Come here at once.
Tlme stands stlll,
sllent stars are hanglng ln the sky.
On the Earth just you and me...
Why don't you come home? What are all these phone calls?
l was at the ministry.
What did they want?
They've entrusted me with the meat programme.
A government committee has been set up.
And you're a member of it?
Then Gábor will be a doctor.
Don't rush.
The thing is not quite clear.
Do you think it could fail
and you with it?
They may want that. lt's possible.
- Last time you said that things were going to tighten up. - Yes.
Well, and if they tighten up,
you'll be among the tighteners now.
...l get involved.
Can you get out of it again any time?
lf l keep my wits about me,
any time.
Don't worry.
l'll warn you if you start getting dishonest. l'll notice it.
l'm frightened...
l don't want to end arse up again.
Don't be too much of a patriot.
What then?
Think of me in the meantime.
You are going to do what l say, understand?
We'll cure ourselves.
Tonight l'm the doctor of the soul.
l'll get you better.
All right. But what do you want?
You're coming in with me.
There's a woman there.
Go to hell!
lf you don't do this for me, you're not my brother.
Think that you're doing it for me.
l can't rest till we're quits, see?
Take a look. How do you like her?
So, he's my brother, Jutka.
- Hello. - Hello.
Well, Jutka, dear, here are the sheets.
You go ahead
and l'll send the kid after you, but first we'll have a bit of a chat.
Okay, but don't be too long because the bell can ring any time.
Listen, Dini.
l'm leaving this woman to you.
You can go and see her any time. As if she were me.
He didn't say you were here, Pierre.
Because it's a secret.
But tomorrow l'm getting out, eh, Gábor?
- Where are you going? - Wait.
You mustn't breathe a word of what l'm going to say to anyone.
l've been turned down for university again,
and l'm damned
if l'm going to appeal. l'll become a doctor in America.
Because tomorrow when they take off the plaster
we're going to skip it to America.
- How? - There are ways.
But not a word to Mother till you get a card from Vienna.
Well, when you're finished, Jutka will see you out.
- Shall l tell Father that you send your love? - Yes.
Bend down and give me one, too.
The one wlth the most votes goes on to the flnals.
lt's Károly Tóth, parody actor. Congratulatlons.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
We're Dini Köves's brothers. Can we come in a moment?
Of course. Kids!
- More people have come. - Of course, boys, come on in.
ln you go, Lívia, do your duty, offer the sandwiches round.
- You've come at just the right time, the mood is at its peak... - Lívia.
lf you look at me like that, you can spread me on the sandwiches.
Pierre, Pierre!
Come on!
Try this.
Everyone's had some. Everyone's had a drop of it.
lt knocks you out completely. Pierre, l can't see straight any more.
lt's making me see picture postcards. lt's a drug.
- What the hell is it? - Coca-cola.
Coca-cola? Where is it from?
My parents brought it. They brought a whole bottle from London.
lt's crazy, Pierre, crazy.
lt's fantastic. Knocks you out.
l brought the tape recorder, too. Do you want a Phillip Morris?
Where's Dini?
Dini? Shall l call him? l'll call him.
- Does my wife teach you, too? - No, thank God.
- Don't you even know her? - l do. Very well. She's Piggie.
Don't drink any more.
- What do you think of her? - The same as you.
- Poor Lívia. - Don't be sorry for her.
She deserves it. lf she must be so stupid.
- You don't know what she was like in the old days. - l don't.
- They mucked around with us so, you know. - l know. Prison.
- Who said she'd been in prison? - Hasn't she? They usually have.
Not her. She was just kicked out of everywhere.
She was a labourer in the hard times, eh?
- At least she is working now. That's essential. - That's good.
Do you know what she says?
That these young people here will...
...make up for what we destroyed.
She's discovered that for herself. That's the latest.
- What do you think? - What about?
Do you think about yourselves that you've discovered something?
Did you really not know, Bandi?
Doesn't Lívia tell you anything?
You must think this is just a party, right?
Well, what is it then?
Haven't you noticed that the people in that room
are just going mad as a cover?
ln the meantime something's happening in the next room.
Why do you think l'm here now? We're having a meeting.
- About what? - About what should happen.
How it should be. The whole thing.
We're going to win, you'll see.
Didn't you know? Your wife's been organizing it for years.
- Go to hell. - Don't you believe me? You'll see.
- We're going to win, Bandi. - You?
Why do you think l'm here now?
To win you over, too. Are you with us?
With you?
You're an incredible fellow.
What's your name?
Cliff Richard and the Shadows.
- Vilma! - What's he done?
Are you crazy, damn it, are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Are you mad, Vilma, are you out of your mind?
Why isn't there anyone? l brought the tape recorder for them, too.
l do everything for them. Why isn't there anyone?
Please, teacher, tell me.
You still here?
lt turns out that l'll be a Hungarian doctor.
Comrade Bodor appealed on my behalf.
- l wanted to follow you tomorrow to America. - Come, come.
- l'm done in. - Try to be sick. Stick your fingers down.
You mixed your drink, eh?
- Aren't you going either, Pierre? - Course l am.
l'm starting from here.
l got quite excited about it.
Will you take me to America?
As you are, sloshed?
l said l wanted to go tomorrow.
Tell father to write his address. l want to ask him for medical books.
Oh, Pierre.
- Lívia! - What's up?
Ah, Dini. Here's your teacher.
l want to say good bye. Go out.
All right. Come on, Gábor. Can't you see you're disturbing him?
But wait for me, Pierre. Don't go. Don't let me down.
Don't spend too long on a woman.
l'm going away, Lívia.
Where are you hurrying to Köves?
- To America. - ls it so late?
Are we going in that?
D'you know whose car it is?
A bird married a bloke for this car.
And that bird you go around with?
Which one?
- The one l saw you with in the school? - Yeah? What about her?
Don't you want to bring her?
Then we'll have to turn left here.
lt was great.
Pierre seized up the situation and left the bathroom, didn't you?
l turned the key and fell on Lívia and bang, bang...
Just like that? Bang, bang?
Before that l said to her: Darling Lívia, l'd like to say goodbye.
l'm leaving for America.
And then, Lívia darling, hold onto the bath for a moment.
ls that how you make a bird, little Köves?
- Why, wasn't it like that, Pierre? - l don't know. l left the bathroom.
But l do know that you're upsetting your girl now.
She's ready to fly off with you at a moment's notice,
at which you start getting at her.
l'm just telling her what happened.
- But take care... - Forget it, Pierre.
Dini's taking his revenge. l can see that.
Pack it in. We feel good, don't we?
And l'll have you know, from now on Pierre is my brother, too.
You can get this brother of mine, too, if you want.
You're vile. ls that why you called me, just to be horrible to me?
Take your Lívia with you instead.
- Stop, Pierre. - Not bloody likely.
What's wrong with you? l thought you liked that sort of thing.
Why, didn't you think l'd feel rotten about it?
- Oh shut up, for Christ's sake. - You?
Who with my own brother...
lt was all because of you, you wretch.
l didn't know what to do with myself.
- How would you know what it's like for a woman... - Thank you. Wonderful.
And l'll have you know that the whole time...
- l was with Gábor, the whole time... - What was happening the whole time?
- l wasn't with Gábor at all... - Well, who were with then?
Who, if not him?
With you.
Because l was thinking of you the whole time.
You know what? Next time be with me and think of my brother.
- But be with me, okay? - Be with him.
How, when you get Piggie to hold the side of the bath?
You're disgusting.
With your own teacher.
Didn't you even think how it must have felt for Piggie?
l don't care. l only care about how l felt when you did that.
ls that all you can talk about, nothing else?
Who only has to whistle for me to come running?
Whose nonsense am l listening to here? Whose, if not yours?
Oh, cut it out!
You're like your own fathers and mothers.
Well, that's something. Fantastic!
Let's have a last swim in the Balaton.
Fist as far as l'm concerned.
- l'm not coming. - What's up now?
- l can't swim. - Oh.
- Dini. - What?
lf you like, we can ditch the bird. That girl's crazy.
What'll happen at the border when we crash through the barrier?
The barrier?
- Of course. What will happen? - We'll keep our heads down.
Don't worry about us.
But your bird looks crazy at first sight. lsn't she police?
Are you mad? Her dad's a dentist.
So what? The cops have got teeth, too.
Hey, stop!
Stop! Can't you hear?
Don't go mad, we need that car!
Hey, don't give it so much gas!
l'm not going to foot it to Yugoslavia because of you lot.
Are you deaf? Can't you hear?
We need it at least as far as Vienna.
Dini, at least you should have some sense!
- Huhu, Pierre. - Stop!
What was it like?
l've tried this car out a couple of times myself.
lf you'd asked me, l'd have suggested the grass any day.
Forget it, Pierre.
What sweet little bears you've got on your nightie!
l'm not going to America with a little idiot like you.
Who wants to go to America?
l'm just seeing Dini off.
Bye, Dini. Will you write?
As soon as we've arrived.
Ciao, bird. How lucky you are,
you're even said goodbye to.
You too?
That's how it is.
Don't you mind?
Why the hell should l mind? lt's easier alone.
lt's just that l thought your father...
He wouldn't have stayed here because of a woman.
Are you absolutely sure about not coming?
Whether you are sure or not, l still want to get my little speech in.
lf you stay here, you won't stand much of a chance.
l'm only trying to convince you because you're my mate
and that's a sentimental reason for me.
Did you see Piggie's husband? Do you want to be like that?
A bloke stuffed with sedatives? They're all dead, old mate,
because they proudly stick to their guns.
And the best you can do is say, bend over now, Lívia.
l just said that. lt wasn't even true.
Playing thing tough calls for style, too.
And that's not style. l think...
Or that bird? ls she style?
l've had enough of them even if you haven't.
So, hello,
31 December 1967
Well, l neverl What a surprlsel
l certalnly wasn't expectlng thls.
Have you come to see the old folk?
Well, what shall l do?
Chlldren's televlslon dldn't lnvlte me.
But d'you know what? l'll take on the role, of old glrl.
- You wlll? - That's rlght. - The eternally young Hanna Honthy?
Are you startlng that, too?
Where ls that summer,
Where ls old love?
Where's that summer,
lt flashed across my heart...
Good evening.
l'm sorry. l just...
l'd like my wife...
Thank you very much. Thank you.
ls she here, too?
How lovely you both are!
Happy New Year!
Thank you.
Thank you,
- Thank you. - Photo.
Come on. Can't you see that they've all died.
But this one is still alive. And l modified the formula.
How would it be if you studied a bit instead of these experiments!
You'll never become a doctor at this rate.
But this one's alive! lt's going to live the next year.
l've discovered something.
lt's certain now.
See how it's moving?
Do you see?
- Happy New Year. - Happy New Year.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
Come on!
- Let me take it off. - Come on!
- Can't l even take it off? - Come on. Someone's waiting.
- Has Dini got leave from the army? - No. A surprise!
Neither of the kids is coming...
Thls lsn't the last farewell.
Walt a blt tlll the wlnd has dropped.
You ask what llfe wlll brlng,
Because you thlnk l'm afrald.
l'm not afrald, l'm just loslng heart.
Take me wlth you let me drlft far away.
The wlnd blows people apart,
So hold my hand, please, ln thls wlnd.
We'll fly together through thls llfe,
Llke autumn leaves blown about.
Thls bltter, mocklng wlnd, what does lt whlsper to us?
Thls lsn't the last farewell.
Walt a blt tlll the wlnd has dropped.
So hold my hand, please, ln thls wlnd.
We'll fly together through thls llfe,
Llke autumn leaves blown about.
Thls bltter, mocklng wlnd, what does lt whlsper to us?