HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER -Smosh- Sous-titre Français

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- Redrum,Redrum... - Shut up !
Hi ! Have you ever murded someone but didn't want to spend the rest of your life in prison ?
I know, I have. So i'm gonna teach you how you can get away with it !
Let's go !
Step 1 : Make sure the person is actually dead !
Sometimes the person you think is dead, is either just sleeping or extremely drunk !
First, you should ask them if they are dead !
Excuse me, are you actually dead ?
Almost !
Please, please bring amberlamps !
He's dead alright !
Now that the person's dead, the clock is ticking. Throw the cops off by placing some fake evidence as clues.
Like some armpit hair, whale semen.
Or a black guy.
So what now ?
Now that you got the fun part out of the way, It's time for the real work.
Dumping a body into a river is lame and unoriginal
And throwing it into a wood chipper is too messy
A few good ways to get rid of a body are :
Throwing it in front of a car !
Cremate it in your oven. Unless you're a girl and you actually use that thing !
Or put it in a black guy's car !
Step 4 : Tie up any loose ends !
If anyone finds out about the murder, take care of them and start back at step 1
Hey, is it cool if you guys don't mention this murder to anyone ?
Then how about we go continue this party in my... party room.
Go right on in. Have fun !
You can also try framing someone like an angry co-worker, your best friend or...
A black guy !
Stop !
If none of these methods work, you may have to face the consequences and turn yourself in.
Stop right there !
I knew all along that you were the killer !
It's kids like you that make this world a terrible place !
Don't you know that killing is never the answer, and you should face the consequences of your poor decision !
Ok, i admit it... i killed him !
Bullsh*t !
It's alright, you're safe now !
I got that killer off the streets for good !
To see bloopers and an essential step that will help you cover up your murder, click the link in the description below !
Thanks for subscribing ! And if you don't...
...murder you !