League of Legends Top 5 Plays - Top 5 Plays - Episode 12 ft Taipei Assasins, CLG.NA - IPL League Of Legends

Uploaded by IPLLoL on 28.06.2012

Hey guys this is James Reilman with this week's IGN Pro League Top 5 Plays.
Let's get right into the action at number five.
Starting off we have Curse.EU vs PAH at Dreamhack.
... unstoppable force on the entire team!
PAH melting! Soul Shackle Triple Kill!
And we're going Quadra Kill coming up as well.
Wasn't even enough room on the score sheet for all of the deaths.
At number four we have Taipei Assassins vs TimeToTerminate in our IPL5 Taiwan Qualifiers.
With Malphite coming in for the quick kill onto Leona
but Lilballz has a little bit to say about it.
Coming in on to Alistar there is the quick kill along with Corki, and then picking up the second one
with the Double Kill on to Jarvan and now turning onto Janna and Sivir going to be chasing them down
the Exhaust onto Corki, but it doesn't matter because Lilballz has the Head Butt into the wall
picks up the Triple Kill and then the Flash from Bebe to finish off the turn around for Taipei Assassins.
For number three we have great teamwork with Securities and friends with Malphite, Lux,
Graves, and Ziggs ultimates to pick up four kills for awesome team coordination.
Coming in at number two we have Dignitas versus Orbit in our IPL5 NA Qualifiers and Qtpie
actually trolling around here baiting out the Anivia wall
the swap into the Darius pull over the wall and Anivia is completely trapped out of position
Qtpie will go down but guess what, he has the Zilean revive it doesn't even matter.
Awesome play, awesome bait from Dignitas. Let's take a look at that sexiness once again
as we have the swap right into the pull from Crumbz.
Awesome play from Dignitas.
And with the top play we have CLG versus PSW in the OGN LoL Summer League.
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