JourneyQuest - Episode 7: Duplicitous Bastards

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I can't believe she hit me!
I'm so making her fat!
Oh, I hope I didn't miss anything
Duplicitous Bastards
So, um, who the hell are you?
- Don't talk when I'm talking. - But you weren't--
As much as I enjoy
watching you kick him in the face -- and feel free to keep doing that by the way --
I think an explanation is in order.
Fair enough.
I am your captor.
- Nara! - Talking again?
M-may I speak?
- Yes. - Okay, um...
When you say that you're our captor,
what exactly--
But you said!
Yes, I lied.
The minute kicky-face drew the sword,
he triggered a bounty on your head larger than any king's.
You know something?
A bounty I intend to collect.
I really like cats.
Whoever draws the Sword is fated to lead a revolution
that will topple the line of Wicked Kings.
Cannot take an arrow though.
That's why the Wicked Kings hired us, to find the Sword and destroy it.
Perf, listen, this is important.
And did you?
And honeysuckle.
On the off chance one of you should turn out to be the Chosen One,
they hired me.
And half a dozen or so other bounty hunters.
Those duplicitous bastards.
Wicked Kings.
It's in the name.
Wicked Kings...
Kicked Wings...
This pyramid
is full of nougat.
I may have overdone it on the toxin.
At the moment, you're more worth to me alive than dead.
The minute that changes,
I kill you.
In the meantime...
... you're my prisoners.
You're really starting to piss me off.
I still think I can get full price for you.
You took my future, Perf.
It's okay, I wasn't using it anyway.
This ground is loud!
Would someone just kill her please?
This should be interesting.
Your move, Chosen One.
No, no, come back.
Come back!
You are seriously embarassing me.
Look, this is all your fault.
I was done with this sodding quest before you showed up!
Oh, is Lady-Bits all worked up?
I was going home!
Scream like a girl!
I'm your everywhere!
Sod off!
Why won't you just leave me alone?
Only one way for that to happen.
Follow me!
Fall! Fall, you limp-wristed sack of estrogen!
Rut you!
Ha! Yeah!
Ha, that's right!
Take that you stupid...
... sword.
-- can't see them.
It's bad luck to lie to a bard, you know.
Your party went that way. Towards the river, near as I can tell.
What actually happened?
We got trounced.
What, shh.
And there's no shame in that
because the wizard used the magic sword.
We think he got in the Temple of Select Dooms.
Magic sword?
What did it look like?
Did eh... did it look like eh... ha.
Did it look like this?
Did it...
look like this?
That's the one.
This just became a real epic.
We're moving out.
Hey, I...
didn't get your name.
Well, that's because I didn't give it to you.
Miss bard?
In the epic...
... can I have hair?
- Sure thing. - And I have always yearned
to be a female.
Don't judge me.
It's a real epic.
I'm going to have to give it a name.
Well, it started out as a journey
and then it just kind of became this whole different...
... quest.
Journey... quest...
Uh, that's terrible.
To be continued...
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Look up, guys. Look up! Look at that!
It's impo--
I made that with my magic.
- Nara: Take me now. - Carrow: Okay.
Then it's bound to fall out of the sky!
Well, This is some bullshit.